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Garlas Malatar, an Ayleid ruin in Cyrodiil

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Ayleid ruins are all that remain of the city-states and settlements of the Ayleids. They are a common sight in Cyrodiil[1][2] Valenwood,[2] and High Rock,[2] with some also present in Hammerfell,[2] Elsweyr,[2] and Black Marsh.[2] Most of these ruins still have functioning welkynd and varla stones.

Many Ayleid settlements continue to be inhabited even after the disappearance of the Ayleids. They often serve as lairs for outcasts such as bandits and necromancers, while some, such as the Imperial City and Stormhold, have been renovated and function as modern settlements.

Known Ayleid Ruins[edit]

A map showing the rough locations of most Ayleid ruins in Tamriel
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Translated Names[edit]

Below are the names (and their translated meanings, where available) of Ayleid settlements throughout Tamriel.

  • Nen Ria - Water (?)
  • Nenyond Twyll - Graywater Well
  • Par Molag - "Fire Fist/Grip"[12]
  • Pelda Tarn - (?) Delve
  • Relleis Lor - Dark River
  • Rielle - Beauty (from the term "Tam-riel")
  • Sardavar Leed - (this settlement was formerly called Sard[13])
  • Sercen - Earth
  • Silaseli - Shining Halls
  • Silyanorn - lit. acorn, used by Barsaebic to mean library[10]
  • Trumbe - (possibly related to the Falmeri "trumbi", meaning "[the] protections [of]")
  • Twyllvarlais - Well of Stars [14]
  • Varsa Baalim
    • Cava Arpenia - [the] nobility
  • Veawend Ede - Sea Journey's End[15]
  • Veyond - (?) Gray
  • Vindasel - (?) Hall
  • Welke - (possibly related to "Wel", meaning "child", and "Welkynd")
  • Wendelbek - Journey of El Bek (?)
  • Wendir - Journey (?)



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