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Nantharion of House Rayn, a Bosmer cultist and self-proclaimed Ayleid king

Ayleid Revivalists are thought to be a secret society[1] that seek to bring about a rebirth of Ayleid civilization and restore its dominion over Cyrodiil.[2][UOL 1]

The Recollection were a cult dedicated to the Daedric Prince Ithelia which emerged out of Silvenar circa 2E 582. Led by King Nantharion Rayn, the Recollection was mostly made up of Bosmer who could claim partial Ayleid ancestry via the Ayleid Diaspora. Their ancestors once worshipped Ithelia prior to Hermaeus Mora's attempt to destroy all memory of her, and Ithelia and her Shardborn worked directly with Nantharion to reawaken ancient power within the various Ayleid ruins throughout West Weald. This process resulted in devastating wildburns in the Strid Vale region and the growth of a new jungle called Dawnwood. Nantharion led Bosmer out of Valenwood to settle this new forest, establishing the settlements of Vashabar and Hoperoot on the Cyrodilic side of the border. He ultimately hoped to use Ithelia's power to conquer West Weald and establish a new Ayleid kingdom, but he perished within the ruins of Miscarcand in service to the Prince, ending the threat posed by the Recollection.[3][4]

The Third Era Altmer collector Umbacano was a noted revivalist. In 3E 433, he descended into the ruins of Nenalata in an attempt to restore the Last King of the Ayleids to life and raise an undead army to "begin the restoration" of their ancient glory. He was never to be seen again.[2][5]

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