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Anhaedra and the Magic Rock of Maar Gan
Race Dremora Gender Male
Appears in Morrowind, Legends, Blades

Anhaedra of the Dark Flame was a Dremora bound to the mortal plane by the Tribunal God Vivec.

He was the subject of a reenactment between a conflict between Vivec and Mehrunes Dagon that would become his eternal plight. Before the construction of Maar Gan, and the village's temple, Vivec had taunted Mehrunes Dagon so that he would throw a rock at him, rather than his people. Ever since then, the very sight would become a pilgrim spot and the site of the Tribunal Temple in Maar Gan. The rock that Mehrunes Dagon had hurled would become known as the "Magic Rock of Maar Gan", and would forever be guarded by Anhaedra. Pilgrims would have to re-create the situation during their pilgrimage. Anhaedra, filling the role of Dagon, would have to endure taunts from pilgrims and would try to harm them while they had a powerful blessing on them as protection.[1]

Sometime after the disappearance of the Tribunal and the dissolution of the Tribunal Temple, Anhaedra was freed from his bonds. He was encountered again around 4E 180, when the Warrior came across Anhaedra in their journey and slayed him.[2]



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