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Race Celestial Gender (no gender)
Resided in Skyreach
Appears in ESO

Aetherion is an experimental Celestial created by the Nedes of Skyreach while they were researching the power of nirncrux.[1] It took the form of an ethereal Daedric Titan,[2] a Daedric perversion of the dragon that was created by Molag Bal.[3] Aetherion was close to immortal, and would simply condense back into a core of Aetherial energy when its corporeal form was destroyed.[4] It was imprisoned within Skyreach Pinnacle in Hammerfell along with the lesser Celestials some time after 1E 808, when Yokudan invaders sealed the Nedic wards.[1]

In 2E 582, the Scaled Court unsealed the ruins in their attempt to understand the Nedes' usage of nirncrux.[1] This freed the dangerous Celestials within, forcing the cultists to retreat.[1] The expedition leader, Mederic Vyger, subsequently left the Court and attempted to set things right.[1] He enlisted the aid of the Vestige and re-entered the ruins to fight back against the Celestials and restore the wards.[4][1] Aetherion appeared at the very end of the ritual in an attempt to stop Vyger, but the intruders destroyed his core and the wards were successfully restored.[4]

The significance of the destruction of Aetherion Core's is unknown. As such, it is unknown if the Celestial still exists.


  • Despite the fact that Aetherion was created in the early First Era, he appears as a Daedric Titan. However, some sources state that the first Titan only came into existence during the time of the Planemeld.[5][6][7]

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