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Legends:Wrothgar Artisan

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Wrothgar Artisan
Creature (Orc)
LG-card-Wrothgar Artisan.png
Availability Core Set
Magicka Cost 3
Attribute Endurance
Power 2 Health 3
Rarity Common Common
Summon: Give a creature +1/+1.

Wrothgar Artisan is a common Endurance creature card. It is part of the Core Set.


When summoned:

"Try this on for size."
"This may prove useful."

When attacking:

"This better be good."
"Let me at 'em!"
"Puny runt!"


  • This card's summon ability applies the Artisanal Weapon card effect.
  • The card originally appeared in the gameplay overview video as a 2/3 card, but was changed to 2/2 in open beta. It was changed back to 2/3 in 11/2016 because the devs felt that Orcs needed a buff.[1]
  • The card is named for the Wrothgar region.



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