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Strike fear with "phantom weapons"
Episode: A Haunted Man
Opponent Name: Fortress Guard
Opponent Class: StrengthEndurance Warrior
Starting Health: 30
Other Characters: Cyriel, Fortress Guard, Luzrah Gro-Shar, Talym Rend, Zhanar Tabav
Previous Quest: Fortress Catacombs
Next Quest: Fortress Ramparts or Fortress Hallway
Reward: None

A Haunted Man: Trophy Room[edit]

Fortress Catacombs shows the group infiltrate the fortress catacombs.


Before starting the match:

Luzrah Gro-Shar: "I've heard tales of this Zhanar -- he's killed some pretty renowned heroes. The Red Avenger, the Hero of Dawn, the list goes on. He's said to keep their weapons in his trophy room."
Talym: "Is that so? Cyriel, if you can get me past the locks, I have an idea."

After the Match

Fortress Guard: "Zhanar! Some of the guards were found dead in the trophy room... and there was blood on the blade of the trophies! It's … it's almost as if the ghosts of your enemies took up their weapons against us."
Zhanar Tabav: "After all these years, you think these spirits would suddenly bother Zhanar? No, we have some unseen enemy. Double the guard."
Cyriel: "Those guards might be a problem."
Talym: "Or an opportunity. Luzrah, tell me more about these heroes Zhanar killed."

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