Isle of Madness

Legends:The Final Battle

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Confront Sheogorath and obtain your First memory.
Episode: Memories
Opponent Name: Sheogorath
Opponent Class: StrengthIntelligenceWillpower The Guildsworn
Story Characters: Sheogorath, Talym Rend
Previous Quest: Obelisk of Order
Next Quest: Imperial Training

Memories: The Final Battle[edit]

The Final Battle deals with Talym confronting Sheogorath.


Before the Match:

Sheogorath: "So! You're back! You've got some old sword and you think that entitles you to... what? A back rub? Some cheese?"
Talym: "To a reckoning! You tricked me! Manipulated my mind! Made me think my son was alive!"
Sheogorath: "And you're welcome! You're the one who came to me. All boo hoo, and out of yer wee mortal mind. You couldn't live with your memories then, but now, oh now y'want 'em back?"
Talym: "The things you made me do."
Sheogorath: "That was the price, Taly-boy. The price for making you forget. So I put a wee little fib in your mind about what's-his-name to motivate ya. So what?!"
Talym: "Novos. His name was Novos!"
Sheogorath: "Yeah, him! Look, you want your memories back so bad? I'm all too happy to give 'em back to ya! But I don't think you'll survive it."

After Sheogorath banishes your creatures:

Sheogorath: "Here, a trip down memory lane!"

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