Isle of Madness

Legends:Meliel's Garrison

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Help Baron Navir defeat his rival, Meliel
Episode: The Baron
Opponent Name: Meliel
Opponent Class: IntelligenceAgility Assassin
Starting Health: 30
Other Characters: Baron Navir, Talym Rend, Luzrah Gro-Shar
Previous Quest: Return to Baron Navir
Next Quest: The Baron (quest)
Reward: None

The Baron: Meliel's Garrison[edit]

'Meliel's Garrison shows Baron Navir challenge his rival, Meliel.


Before the match starts:

Baron Navir: "I hearby declare these lands mine by right of conquest. Let any who would oppose me taste my mystical might!"
Talym: "I guess I'm providing the mystical might..."

During the Match:

Baron Navir: "None may hurt the prince of prophecy!"

When you defeat your opponent:

Baron Navir: "Hahahaha! Behold my power."

After the Match

Baron Navir: "BWAHAHA! YOU SEE! That peasant spoke true! I AM the prince of prophecy! I can do ANYTHING! I know -- next I shall fly! I've always wanted to fly."
Luzrah Gro-Shar: "Wait, NO!"

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