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Legends:Fortress Catacombs

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Infiltrate the fortress catacombs
Episode: A Haunted Man
Opponent Name: Catacomb Creatures
Opponent Class: StrengthWillpowerAgility House Hlaalu
Other Characters: Cyriel, Fortress Guard, Talym Rend, Zhanar Tabav
Previous Quest: Episode 2 Intro (Isle of Madness)
Next Quest: Trophy Room
Reward: None

A Haunted Man: Fortress Catacombs[edit]

Fortress Catacombs shows the group infiltrate the fortress catacombs.


Before starting the match:

Cyriel: "Look, I found a way into the fortress catacombs."
Talym: "Hmm. Sheogorath wants a "proper haunting." Maybe we can start by making a little noise."

After the Match

Fortress Guard: "Zhanar, did... did you hear that racket last night? It was as if the walls of the fortress were shaking, but we couldn't find anyone inside."
Zhanar Tabav: "It is surely nothing. But make sure you lock the doors tonight, if it makes you feel better."

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