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Legends:Elusive Schemer

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Elusive Schemer
Creature (Dark Elf)
LG-card-Elusive Schemer.png
Deck code ID fL
Card Set LG-icon-Core Set.png Core Set
Alternate Art Availability Hall of Mirrors Gauntlet April 2020
Magicka Cost LG-icon-Magicka.png4
Attribute Intelligence Intelligence
Power Power 3 Health Health 1
Rarity Rare Rare
Summon: Draw a card.
Last Gasp: Shuffle a 0-cost Elusive Schemer into your deck.

Elusive Schemer is a rare Intelligence creature card. It is available as part of the Core Set.


In addition to the card's availability in the Core Set, two copies are included in the Brynjolf's Heist theme deck, two copies in the Telvanni Ambition theme deck, and one copy in the Dunmer Avengers deck.


When summoned:

"You'll not be rid of me that easily!"
"Nice try! Care to go again?"

When attacking:

"Let's dance!"
"Have another!"

When effect triggers:

"I... will... return!"
"See you... in the next... world."


  • The alternate art depicts Odral Helvi, who first appeared in Morrowind.
  • This card originally had 4 power, but was changed in 11/2016 because it was a little too strong. [1]
  • While the 0-cost copy's cost is green, indicating a temporary buff, the copies stay at 0 cost even when destroyed.



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