Isle of Madness

Legends:Circus of Cheerful Slaughter

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Attack the Grummite in a fit of madness
Episode: The Descent
Opponent Name: Grummite Savage
Opponent Class: Agility Agility
Starting Health: 30
Other Characters: Grummite, Luzrah Gro-Shar Talym Rend
Previous Quest: Darkened Grove
Next Quest: Circus of Cheerful Slaughter
Reward: None

The Descent: Circus of Cheerful Slaughter[edit]

Circus of Cheerful Slaughter sees Talym Rend visit the area of the same name. He attacks a Grummite in a fit of madness.


Before the match:

Talym: "Why am I alive, anyway? I suppose it's easier than being dead, seeing as I'm already doing it."
Grummite: "You could try the alternative."
Talym: "No, I don't think so. Not today. Not today Sheogorath!"

After beating your opponent:

Grummite Savage: "(Weakly sings the song from the Notehollow mission)"
Talym: "Luzrah?! Luzrah, are you okay?!"

After the Match:

Luzrah Gro-Shar: "I'll be all right. I... saw you down by the river, fighting a crab, attacking a tree. I approached, and it was like you didn't recognize me at all. What happened to you?"
Talym: "I... didn't mean to hurt you I... my mind is so jumbled. I can't keep anything straight. Maybe I don't want to."
Luzrah Gro-Shar: "Well if you do, I think I know a way to help."

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