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Creature (Imperial)
Availability Festival of Madness
Magicka Cost 5
Attribute Neutral
Power 4 Health 4
Rarity Epic Epic
At the start of the game, Cheesemancer gains the ability of a random creature from Isle of Madness.

Cheesemancer is an epic Neutral creature card.

Each Cheesemancer has the chance to randomly gain one of the following abilities at the start of the game:

  • Pilfer: Reduce the cost of the top card of your deck by 3.
  • Summon: Draw an item of your choice from your deck.
  • Summon: Battle an enemy creature.
    When Cheesemancer takes damage, she deals that much damage to you.
  • Immune to Lethal.
    Immune to Shackle.
    Your opponent can't target Cheesemancer with actions.
  • Only one creature in this lane can attack each turn.


A playset of premium Cheesemancer cards was available during the Festival of Madness on day 29 and 30 for 2,000 gold as part of the Isle of Madness Sneak Peek Pack. Before the release of Isle of Madness, it couldn't be soul-summoned, instead showing the message "Available only at the whim of Sheogorath".