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This page contains text from the old Timeline page of the official site. Some of this information was unique and not found in any of the games, and is therefore listed here to be used as a reference in lore articles.

Main Events of the History of the World of Tamriel

1E 246 Daggerfall Founded.

2E 834 Cyrus (the hero in Redguard) is born.

2E 864 Battle of Stros M'kai--Admiral Richton defeats forces of Crown Prince A'tor. Richton becomes Provisional Governer of Stros M'kai in Tiber Septim's first attempt to conquer Hammerfell.

2E 895 Tiber Septim conquers all of Tamriel, and is crowned Emperor the next year.

3E 0 Septim Dynasty begins New Era by order of Tiber Septim.

3E 346 Uriel VII born.

3E 368 Pelagius IV dies, leaving throne to Uriel VII.

3E 370 Arena PC is born.

3E 372 Battlespire PC is born.

3E 375 Daggerfall PC is born.

3E 389 Imperial Battlemage Jagar Tharn imprisons Emperor Uriel VII in another dimension and weaves an illusory spell to disguise himself as Emperor.

3E 396 Jagar Tharn makes a deal with a Daedric Prince, Mehrunes Dagon. Tharn offers Dagon control of the Battlespire, an otherwordly training school for Battlemages.

3E 398 Battlespire PC places second in a competition determining the next pupils of Battlespire, and is sent to the citadel.

3E 399 Jagar Tharn is defeated, Uriel VII returns to the throne.

3E 403 Betony War ends with Battle of Cryngaine Field, where Daggerfall’s King Lysandus is killed. Lysandus’ son Gothryd takes the throne.

3E 404 Gothryd marries Aubk-i, Lysandus begins haunting Daggerfall.

3E 405 Daggerfall PC is sent to Daggerfall.