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This page contains text from the old Screenshots section of the official site. Some of this information was unique and not found in any of the games, and is therefore listed here to be used as a reference in lore articles.


Guar (g'war): The domesticated guar represents milk, meat, leather, and transport for Vvardenfell's settled Velothi ranchers and Ashland nomads. In its natural state, the aggressive and territorial wild guar is hunted for meat and hides, and the larger feral tiger guar is a highly prized game animal for noble huntsmen.


Smart travelers pay a few extra drakes and hire a gondola for sightseeing in Vivec. Negotiating the bewildering canton bridges and markets on foot is difficult, and locals are wary of strangers. Instead, tip well, and ride comfortably as a friendly gondolier acquaints you with local sights and stories of Vivec City.


Don't miss The Ministry of Truth, the ancient sky-citadel of the Temple Ordinators, the guardians of Temple law and doctrine. Suspended above the High Fane Precinct by the will of Morrowind's living god, the poet-warrior Vivec, this fortress and prison is an ever-present reminder of the temporal power of the Tribunal faith.


Though books and broadsheets of local interest are available from Guild printers and booksellers, cheap editions of Gidan's LANDS OF EASTERN MANKIND and THE TRAVELS OF SIR SIENNE OF JEHANNA can be found in market stalls and second-hand stores.