Dragonborn:The Journal of Ralis Sedarys - Volume 19

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Book Information
ID xx018108
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Value 5 Weight 1
Related to Unearthed
Found in the following locations:

Moving on to Solstheim next, chasing after vague rumors of this Kolbjorn Barrow. My patron seems confident we can find the Relics of Azhidal [sic] out here. I'm a bit skeptical, but so long as he pays well, I'll dig wherever the old coot likes.

Initial prospects look poor, to say the least. I was sure I had my map wrong at first, until it became clear that the place had just been lost to the ash. I'll dig out as much as I can, maybe see if I can recruit some of the local residents to help me out. I haven't seen anyone since I got out of Raven Rock, but I keep hearing conversations and whispers around me, so I just need to track them down.