Dragonborn:Quest Items

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This page lists quest items added by the Dragonborn expansion.

Quest Weapons[edit]

Name (ID) Type Tempering Weight Value Damage Enchantment/Quest/Notes
DB-icon-weapon-Ancient Nordic Pickaxe.png Ancient Nordic Pickaxe
1 Hand War Axe Not possible 10 500 5

Quest: An Axe to Find

Quest Apparel[edit]

Name (ID) Weight Value Quest/Notes
SR-icon-jewelry-SilverSapphireNecklace.png Bera's Necklace
0.5 580

Quest: Skaal Village Dialogue

SR-icon-jewelry-SilverGarnetRing.png Neloth's Ring of Tracking
0.3 100

Quest: Old Friends

Other Quest Items[edit]

Name (ID) Weight Value Quest/Notes
DB-icon-misc-Amethyst Claw, Left Half.png Amethyst Claw, Left Half
0.5 200

Quest: Lost Legacy

DB-icon-misc-Amethyst Claw, Right Half.png Amethyst Claw, Right Half
0.5 200

Quest: Lost Legacy

DB-icon-misc-Ash Extractor.png Ash Extractor
0.5 1

Quest: Telvanni Research

DB-icon-misc-Ash Spawn Sample.png Ash Spawn Sample
1 100

Quest: Telvanni Research

DB-icon-misc-Control Cube.png Control Cube
0.5 50

Quest: The Path of Knowledge

DB-icon-misc-Deathbrand Treasure Map.png Deathbrand Treasure Map
0 500

Quest: Deathbrand

DB-icon-misc-Heart Stone.png Heart Stone
1 100

Quest: Old Friends

DB-icon-misc-Kagrumez Resonance Gem.png Kagrumez Resonance Gem
0.2 500

Quest: The Kagrumez Gauntlet

DB-icon-misc-Karstaag's Skull.png Karstaag's Skull
3 25

Quest: Summoning Karstaag

  • Located in the Glacial Cave that lies along the northeastern coastline of Solstheim. It is frozen into the back wall of the cave.
DB-icon-misc-Soaked Taproot.png Soaked Taproot
2 1

Quest: Healing a House

SR-icon-book-Note1.png Stalhrim Source Map
0 0

Quest: A New Source of Stalhrim