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Mortrag Peak
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Respawn Time 10 days
North of White Ridge Barrow
South of Castle Karstaag Ruins
Mortrag Peak, as seen from the southeast

Mortrag Peak is one of the highest points in Solstheim, located south of Castle Karstaag Ruins. The marker for this peak does not appear on the compass until you have climbed nearly to the top.

The ascent of this peak can be started from the entrance to White Ridge Barrow. Jump up the low rocks behind the barrow entrance and head in a northerly direction towards the highest point. There are some snow-covered tracks that make this section easier. A silver ore vein lies beside the snowy track at the base of a sheer rock face; head around the rock to the right of this and continue jumping higher. Reaching the cliff face marks the extent of the 'easy' section of this climb.

A narrow slope leads up the cliff face at 45 degrees to horizontal. When this gets too steep, you should notice a small ledge at the same level off to the right. By pushing forward into the face of the mountain at the same time as moving to the right, you can reach this ledge. The aim from here is to get to the saddle-shaped ridge roughly four character-heights above your head. This can be done by moving around to the other side of the promontory you are standing on the western side of, as the slope on the eastern side is shallower. You can then zig-zag your way up the slope to the saddle.

Your next waypoint is the ledge part-way up the left side of the peak. Jump towards it and around it to reach a lower section on its western side. Continue up the ledge, then zig-zag up the slope to your left to reach the narrow ridge at the top. Jump along this ridge towards the peak.

You will need to carefully jump and edge your way around to the left to reach a better vantage point for gaining the summit. Note that the summit is poorly meshed and is unstable; you will not be able to find a place to stand without sliding downwards or into the mountain. The closest stable point is on the ridge just below the top - trigger the location marker and retreat to here to survey the scenery.

To the north lie the ruins of Castle Karstaag. To the east is Frykte Peak, with Saering's Watch just visible behind it. In the clearing to the southeast, the remains of a stone memorial mark the entrance to Hrothmund's Barrow. To the south, you can see Mount Moesring and the ruins of Fahlbtharz. In the southwest, partially hidden by the peak of the mountain, a small burial chamber contains the Stalhrim Source.


  • Using Summon ArvakDG and riding him can make climbing the mountain easier.
  • Pc22.png The tmm command won't make it visible on the map.
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