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Only joinable factions?[edit]

Regarding this edit summary:

12:32, 16 May 2009 PLRDLF (Talk | contribs) m (3,603 bytes) (reverted to last version created by Rpeh, I think this page was created for the JOINABLE factions in DAggerfall, if you take a look only these are listed in the article and I think it should stay so)

My reply is simple: the vampire clans are not all joinable, but they are mentioned - in fact, it's noted on the page that they don't work the way they're supposed to in Daggerfall, and were never fixed. I suppose reading the body of the Major Factions section the witches covens don't belong there, but I think including vampire clans that don't work and give only generic quests and not including the witch covens that do work and give very significant quests (including the Universal Cure) is just downright silly.

Yes, I do agree that including all the factions in Daggerfall's faction system would be downright silly - but I think the witch covens are notable, and honestly, I challenge anyone to disprove that.

I think I'll rework a the article a little in light of that. Just my thoughts. Glenmorial 22:01, 16 May 2009 (EDT)

The vampire clans were already there when I started to overwork most part of the already present lore of Daggerfall. According to the page's history there was already a discussion back then whether they belong to this page or not. It was decided they belong here and it actually makes some sense. Here are some of my arguments why I think witch covens don't belong on this page in contrary to the vampire clans.
  1. They are indeed a joinable faction since you can only get quests from them if you are a "member". The Covens however give quests to everybody
  2. The fact that one can not join all vampire clan is meaningless since one can also not join all knight orders or temples at the same time.
  3. If we proceed with the though that they belong here because they offer quest, we must also list the Merchants the nobles and the Daedra here.
  4. There is already an exhaustive article concerning the witch covens.
Originally I wanted to created a own page for all non-joinable faction, since this page here was meant for all joinable factions, at last in my opinion. But its very likely that this plan won't come true.--PLRDLF 23:49, 16 May 2009 (EDT)
Vampire clans aren't joinable though. You're never a member of any vampire clan if you have vampirism. Indeed, the quests for vampirism just check if you are a member of the "vampires" generic faction and not a specific clan. They don't work. Bethdesa itself has said this, as mentioned in the article. So in light of this, I don't get how this is a point. (Tangentially, it seems the clans were one of the things that Bethdesa were planning to implement in Daggerfall, but never did.)
The most important point is simple - people looking for information on organisations in Daggerfall are going to be directed to the Factions page. It just makes sense, especially since the other factions pages (example) include the vast majority of "important" factions. Indeed, it was the first page I myself looked to when I was looking to see what the Wiki had about the covens - and it was not easy to find the covens pages through the wiki and the search engine (was listed as the 5th item when I searched for "witches" in the daggerfall namespace). So it only seemed a good wiki practice to add a link to the page to make it easier to find. This bleeds onto my counterpoint...
Yes, the witches do have a much more expansive article. You'll likely note I point the player there. The page is not transcluded, the faction is merely explained in summary, a link given to the page for further explanation, and an explanation of why the faction is notable (the Universal Cure) is included.
That said, a page for the non-joinable factions, perhaps with a table of all of them, would be a reasonable compromise that I would be willing to do. It could be linked maybe with something like "For factions you cannot join, see [[Daggerfall:Non-player faction|Non-player factions]]" - but that is just a suggestion.
Cheers, Glenmorial 00:04, 17 May 2009 (EDT)

Negating monthly rep loss?[edit]

This has been marked as a question that needs to be answered.

Would someone be willing to post, either here or on the main faction page, what rank you have to be so that the monthly reputation regression no longer applies to you? — Unsigned comment by Tsff (talkcontribs) at 00:52 on 4 February 2012 (GMT)