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The Oracle
Seer from the Dragontail Mountains

The Oracle is a wise woman and a seer from the Dragontail Mountains. Although she is blind, she is rumored to be the wisest woman in all of Tamriel. By tradition, she has been the counselor to the monarchs of Sentinel for a long time and is therefore a confidant of Queen Akorithi. She advised the late king Camaron against warring with Daggerfall, and some say if the king had heeded her warnings he could be still alive.

Related Quests[edit]

  • Oracle: A noble is prophesied to die.


  • It was probably originally intended for the Oracle to play a bigger role in Daggerfall, she and her companion, The Acolyte, can still be found in an eponymous quest for the Mages Guild. The pair are featured as the hub of the quest.
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