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Below is a list of stores with their locations and sorted by quality type and list of good magical items. You can use this list to find a good place to buy/steal quality items (in the 'best' type stores) and good places to sell things (in the poorer quality stores). The magical items list is a good place to buy high quality magical items in case you can't make magical items yet.

Stores Quality Guidelines[edit]

Whenever you enter a store, a text message will pop up describing the interior of the store. This scrawl reveals the general quality level of the store. Look for these descriptions to determine what the quality level of the store is.

  • Rusty relics lie wherever they were last tossed. All the wares show the cracks and chips of shoddy workmanship. A mouse scampers over your feet before burrowing into a nearby sack.
    Worst quality store. Items here are generally of lowest-end materials. Lowest buying and highest selling prices, however. Best place to sell your unused items.
  • Sturdy shelves, cobbled together out of scrap lumber hold the shops wares. The items are sound and functional, but little more than that.
    Poor quality store. Low-end material items. Lower buying and higher selling prices.
  • The shop is laid out in a practical and straightforward manner. All the items seem to be of adequate construction.
    Average quality store. Mix of item material grades, average prices.
  • The shop is better appointed than many. Its wares lie neatly on the shelves. Although not fit for a king, all are skillfully crafted.
    Good quality store. High-end materials. Higher prices to buy, lower to sell.
  • Incense and soft music soothe your nerves as you cross the threshold. Each item in this shop is carefully mounted and displayed. Not the slightest defect can be detected in any item within.
    Best quality store. Items sold here are usually of the best materials you can acquire at your level. Buying prices are at the highest, selling prices are at their lowest. Best place to buy and/or steal goods.

Stores List[edit]

Bound Soul Purchasing[edit]

List of mage guilds where quality bound souls are sold.

The following is a list of Mages Guilds, primarily in Daggerfall Province, who sell souls of interest (Vampire Ancients and up – anything below a VA doesn't have enough enchantment power to be worthwhile). Most are in Daggerfall Province (gleaned from 35 guild visits so far), except as noted. It is assumed here that the items sold at each guild are hard-wired in the game, so that others will find the same thing at the same site. Also, the status of the guild affects the price, so they are listed as best (4) – good (3) – average (2) – poor (1) – worst (0), based on the message you get on entry.

Soul Location
Daedra Lord (8000 EP)
  • Charenham End (4) (Ilessan Hills)
  • Grimfort (3) (Daggerfall)
  • Kirkbrone (2) (Ilessan Hills)
  • Sentinel City (4) (Sentinel)
  • Uptower Moor (2) (Daggerfall)
Dragonling (5000 EP)
  • Aldingborne Commons (3) (Anticlere)
  • Chestercroft (4) (Dwynnen)
  • Ipsshire Hall (4) (Anticlere)
  • Kirkbrone (2) (Ilessan Hills)
  • Lastabia (4) (Tigonus)
Ancient Lich (2500 EP)
Daedra Seducer (1500 EP)
Vampire Ancient (1000 EP)
  • Aldingwall (1) (Daggerfall)
  • Glenpoint City (4) (Glenpoint)
  • Longtown (1) (Daggerfall)
  • Oxway (4) (Daggerfall)
  • Singcroft (2) (Daggerfall)
  • Stokworth (4) (Daggerfall)

For those who are looking for a soul gem filled with an Air Atronach, one can be found at the Mages Guild of Anticlere City or at the Mages Guild in Charenborne in Daggerfall.

List of Good Magical Items[edit]

List good quality magical items found in mage guilds across the Iliac Bay.

It appears that the magical items sold at each Mages Guild are fixed, so these items can be found by anyone at anytime, although it is possible that some of the items will not appear until the player has reached higher levels. There is also information that may indicate that different items are generated if the game is reinstalled.

Region City Item
Anticlere Anticlere City

Adamantium Katana of Venom Spitting
Daedric Shining Kite shield
Mithril Greaves, the Protector
Plain robes of Undeniable Access
Silver Deadman's Greaves
Steel Never Tiring Gauntlets
Unrestrainable Amulet

Anticlere Chestermarket

Daedric Gauntlets of Shocking
Emerald, the Protector
Jade of Venom Antidote
Never Tiring Common symbol
Strap/Brassiere of Magicka

Anticlere Newwell

Daedric Kite shield of Wizard's Fire
Jade of Venom Antidote
Malachite, the Protector

Anticlere Ipsshire Hall

Daedric Long bow of Lightning
Daedric Warhammer of Water-walking
Torc of Undeniable Access
Unrestrainable Long shirt

Antiphyllos Ha-Thar Daedric Left pauldron of Shocking
Daggerfall Aldingwark

Daedric Mace of Life Stealing
Daedric Gauntlets of Water-walking
Daedric Boots, the Protector
Daedric Deadman's Dagger

Daggerfall Daggerfall City

Daedric Longsword, the Protector
Daedric Short Sword of Venom Antidote
Daedric Tower shield of Far Silence
Healing Sapphire

Daggerfall Ripidge

Daedric Wakazashi of Fortitude
Helm of Paralysis (Daedric)

Dwynnen Chestercroft

Daedric Battle axe of Life stealing
Daedric Cuirass of Fortitude
Daedric Dai-katana of Goodluck
Daedric Greaves of the Wise
Daedric Katana of Oblivion

Dwynnen Crossbrugh Daedric Never Tiring Round shield
Ephesus Tsetenis

Daedric Gauntlets of Magicka
Daedric Healing Tower Shield

Glenpoint Oxtown

Daedric Staff of Life Stealing
Daedric Broadsword of Wildfire

Glenumbra Moors Broadmore Daedric Left pauldron of Fortitude
Glenumbra Moors Glenumbra

Daedric Blazing Warhammer of Fireballs
Daedric Gauntlets of Far Silence
Daedric Left pauldron of Shocking
Never Tiring Emerald

Glenumbra Moors Grimley

Daedric Frosty Greaves of Ice Storms
Daedric Warhammer of Force Bolts
Never Tiring Wrap
Unrestrainable Long shirt

Glenumbra Moors Tambridge Daedric Mace of Iron Will

Ring of Paralysis

Glenumbra Moors Upmont Daedric Boots, the Protector
Ilessan Hills Charenham End Daedric Right pauldron of Nimbleness
Ilessan Hills Oxmarket Orcish Tower shield of Feet of Notorgo
Isle of Balfiera Upvale

Daedric Round shield of Paralysis
Healing Bracelet

Lainlyn Syrius Daedric Claymore of Life Stealing
Sentinel Sentinel City

Daedric Boots of the Wise
Daedric Claymore of Toxic Clouds
Casual dress/pants of the Orc Lord

Tigonus Kalaan Daedric Boots of Paralysis
Tigonus Lastabia

Daedric Boots of Far Silence
Daedric Frosty Right pauldron of Ice Storms
Daedric Long Sword of Oblivion

Tigonus Wadijuthua Daedric War Axe of Friendship
Tigonus Zagorana

Daedric Greaves of Feet of Notorgo
Daedric Cuirass of Magicka

Wayrest Grimdale Moor

Adamantium Broadsword of Lightning
Daedric Torgo's Left pauldron
Daedric Tower shield of Wizard's Fire
Elven Mace of Life Stealing
Mithril Healing Right pauldron
Tights of the Orc Lord

Wayrest Tunmont Daedric Torgo's Right pauldron
Wayrest Wayrest City

Daedric Cuirass of the Orc Lord
Daedric Never Tiring Tanto
Elven Deadman's Left pauldron
Sandals of the Orc Lord
Silver Unrestrainable Staff

Wrothgarian Mountains Longwell Hill

Daedric Greaves of Water-walking
Daedric Left pauldron of the Wise
Daedric Warhammer of Toxic Clouds

Wrothgarian Mountains Newleigh Daedric Healing Left pauldron

Daedric Never Tiring Right pauldron