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The Dowager Queen is smuggling letters out of Daggerfall.
Quest Giver: Queen Aubk-i at Castle Daggerfall
Location(s): Castle Necromoghan
Prerequisite Quest: Concern for Nulfaga
Reward: Random Gold
Reputation Gain: None
ID: S0000013
Required Level: 3
Not quite a castle

Quick Walkthrough[edit]

  1. Receive a letter from Queen Aubk-i.
  2. Visit her at Castle Daggerfall and learn what she wants.
  3. Go to Castle Necromoghan and recover some missing letters.
  4. Return the letters to Aubk-i within the time limit for your reward.

Detailed Walkthrough[edit]

Meeting the Queen[edit]

Several days after reporting to Aubk-i on Nulfaga's condition, you will be approached by a courier,

A stalwart young woman wearing the livery of Daggerfall presents you with a letter. Turning sharply she mounts her horse and rides away.

Check your inventory for the letter. It reads,

Dear (player's name),
I need your assistance once more. Your valor and
discretion were invaluable when last you served
me in the matter with Nulfaga. Please meet with
me at Castle Daggerfall when next you pass through.
Queen of Daggerfall

Go to Castle Daggerfall and speak with Aubk-i, who will say,

"(Player's name), I do not know even how to broach this subject. I need you to promise me on your ancestor's [sic] honor that you will do what you can to help me and never breath [sic] of what I say or what you see to anyone else anywhere. Will you so swear?"

Agree to keep the queen's secret, and she will continue,

"I will trust you then, (player's first name). The matter concerns my mother-in-law, the dowager queen of Daggerfall and widow of Lysandus, Mynisera. As mistress of the household finances, I have noticed that she has been paying for the upkeep of a fortress called Castle Necromoghan complete with a large platoon of soldiers. A short while ago, she disappeared with a wrapped parcel of papers and came back days later with empty hands. She has recently left again with another parcel of letters and my spies have verified that she has gone to Castle Necromoghan. You will have to trust that my suspicion of her activities is justifiable, for I am not in a position to offer proof. What I need for you to do is go to Castle Necromoghan and find that parcel of letters or any other information about her activities there. Mynisera will be returning in (time limit) days. You cannot have any more time than that, I fear. Good luck."

Castle Necromoghan is located in the Daggerfall region. Leave the castle and travel there.

Finding the Letters[edit]

Castle Necromoghan contains undead monsters such as werewolves and vampires. At higher levels you may encounter vampire ancients, which are deadly without some type of protection against Shock spells. There are several possible locations for the letters:

Locations 1 and 2[edit]

DF-map-Mynisera's Letters 01.jpg

From the dungeon's entrance, follow the hallway south and go through the door.

DF-map-Mynisera's Letters 02.jpg

Continue following the passage upwards until you reach the end and exit through the door to the north.

DF-map-Mynisera's Letters 03.jpg

Turn right and head up the eastern corridor until you reach a large room with six smaller rooms. There are several treasure piles in this room, one of which will lock the door to the area if touched. To unlock the door, pull the lever near the door to the southwest room, which is one of the possible locations for the letters.

DF-map-Mynisera's Letters 10.jpg

If the letters are not in the small room, leave the larger room, head down the corridor, and continue west past the door. Turn north and enter the room to your right to find another possible location.

Location 3[edit]

DF-map-Mynisera's Letters 04.jpg

Head east from the dungeon's entrance and go through the door in front of you. Jump or levitate over the pit in the floor and continue until you come to a four-way intersection.

DF-map-Mynisera's Letters 05.jpg

Continue straight past the intersection until you reach a wall. Look at the ceiling above the pile of bones to find an opening. Climb the wall or levitate through the opening to reach another possible location.

Locations 4, 5, and 6[edit]

DF-map-Mynisera's Letters 06.jpg
Activating this skull provides access to the sixth possible location for the letters.

Head through the door to the east of the opening leading to the third location. Turn left when you reach the corridor with the tree trunks and follow the corridor east. There will be an opening in the ceiling and one in the floor just past it. Levitate through the opening in the ceiling and continue east through the door. Turn south and then east until you reach a pit with a skull on the wall (don't fall down the pit, as it will deplete your magic). Activate the skull and return to the third location.

DF-map-Mynisera's Letters 07.jpg

At the back of this short corridor where location 3 was is an opening in the ceiling. Climb or levitate through the opening, which will take you to a room with a torture device and two doors. Go through the door to the west to find the fourth possible location.

Open the south door and turn left after jumping over the pit. Continue east until you reach the room at the end of the corridor. Enter the room and look in the closet area to find the fifth possible location.

DF-map-Mynisera's Letters 08.jpg

Go back through the corridor and head north at the three-way intersection. Go through the door at the end of this corridor and turn west. Follow this corridor to the south and go through the door at the end.

DF-map-Mynisera's Letters 09.jpg

You will find yourself in a large room with a ramp leading down. Go through the door at the bottom of the ramp to find a trapdoor, which can only be opened by activating the skull by the pit. Drop down the pit to find a door leading to a small room. Enter the room to reach the sixth and final possible location for the letters.

The Letters[edit]

The letters, stashed with some random loot

Pick up Mynisera's letters and a message appears, The letters are badly burned, but some words can still be read. Read the letters, which say,

(first page)
... been from thee too long, my heart doth ...
(second page)
... you loveth my lips, but forget the words they breath...
(third page)
... she doth suspect you cuckold her ... and I worship and
adore all parts of thee but thy hollow crown and thy hollow
wedding ring, those two empty circles that trap and bring thee
pain ... an I be so vain to be Lysandus' Medora evermore ...
body and sip nectar from thy hand ... love m ... forever ...
(fourth page)
...rcs. But they did assume the worse of the settlement, even
after all the stallion orcs had been killed and the stro ...
(for mare orcs are seldom weaker than stallion orcs in an ...
only old and sick remained in the rude cam ... who could
speak base Cyrodil [sic] ... ied and begged for mercy for the
children, but Prince Klaius said that the children would
grow strong and hearty and and [sic] only an unwise leader would
show mercy to the subhumans. He gave his men leave to make
sport with killing the children, and they were all murdered
in ways that I cannot pen. I witnessed it, my lady, and
though I beg your pardon, your father did great evil th ...
the shame of mine that I didn't say no ... shame to all ...
(fifth page)
...shall abandon mine responsibilities. You and...
together. The rest of the world be damned. Let me
put this...Betony behind. I shall crush them at
Cryngaine. During...dead. No one will suspect that
a king would give up...


Return the letters to Aubk-i in Castle Daggerfall. She will say,

"How very sad. To be honest, this is not what I expected the letters to contain. Poor Mynisera. Everyone at court knows that her husband, the late King Lysandus, preferred the face and form of another woman of [sic] her, but she still attempts to hide all evidence of it. Her loyalty to Lysandus is almost as great as his foolish loyalty to the emperor.
And those poor little children. How dreadful the butchery of the innocents. We know of the barbarism of the orcs, but surely they did not deserve that. Hardly surprising that Mynisera did not want it known that her father was responsible for such a grotesque enterprise. Well, I thank you, (player's first name), for your valor and discretion. Please accept this small token of my esteem, not as a payment but as a gift. May (random god) bless thee.

Aubk-i will then reward you with a random amount of gold.



  • This quest is not required, although it provides information about the plot.
  • Mynisera will not be present at Castle Daggerfall for the duration of the quest, starting from the moment you get Queen Aubk-i's letter.
  • Because of the way this quest interacts with Mynisera's quest, having the two questlines running simultaneously can create some difficulties. To avoid losing reputation with Aubk-i, it is recommended that you complete this quest before beginning Cyndassa's quest.

Quest Log[edit]

Mynisera's Letters (S0000013)
Finishes Quest Journal Entry
0 (Date): Queen Aubk-i wants me to follow her mother-in-law, the dowager queen of Daggerfall, to her fortress, (dungeon) to see what becomes of the parcels of paper old Mynisera has been bringing there. I have only (time limit) days to get back to Aubk-i with the letters. She has promised me more information in return for this.
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