Daggerfall:Lord K'avar Quest Part II

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Free Lord K'avar from the dungeons of Castle Sentinel before his execution is scheduled.
Location(s): Castle Sentinel in Sentinel City
Reward: Random gold
Reputation Gain: see Reputation Gain/Loss
ID: s0000500
Required Reputation: Any
Difficulty: Hard
Lord K'avar is awaiting execution

Quick Walkthrough[edit]

  1. Receive a letter 31 to 93 days after giving Lord K'avar the note in the previous quest.
  2. Read the letter.
  3. Meet the letter sender as soon as possible.
  4. Travel to Sentinel City as fast as possible.
  5. Enter Castle Sentinel and find Lord K'avar within.
  6. Free Lord K'avar and lead him out of the palace dungeons.
  7. Escort Lord K'avar to his safehouse.
  8. Talk to the safehouse friend within the time limit and receive your reward from Lord K'avar.

Detailed Walkthrough[edit]

The Betrayer Betrayed[edit]

31 to 93 days after you have given the note from the dead spy to Lord K'avar in the previous quest, you will receive a letter:

A courier shouts at you to wait. "(Player's name), right? This letter is for you. Gotta go."

Find the letter in your inventory. It reads:

Dear (player's name)
If you are a friend of Lord K'avar,
please meet me at (tavern) in
(first town), as soon as possible.
This is a matter of life or death!
(Contact's name)

On the Chopping Block[edit]

The letter sender

The town and tavern are located in the same region where you received the original quest from the Fighters Guild. Travel to this town and meet your contact as soon as possible. Speak to the letter sender and be told:

"(Player's name)? You were my last hope! Lord K'avar's friends and allies have all proven faithless after he was arrested by the tyrant Queen Akorithi on trumped up charges of treason. He is now locked in the dungeons of Castle Sentinel, awaiting execution. Please, if you have any regard for the man, rescue him from certain death. He often spoke of your skill and bravery. I know you will help us."

The time limit for this quest depends on the distance from the location the quest began to the City of Sentinel. The starting location is defined as the palace where Lord K'avar was staying in the previous quest. If this location is a relatively short distance from Sentinel City, you will have a tight time limit. Conversely, if it was far away, you will have more time.

However, this time limit begins when the letter is delivered to you, and you must use part of that time traveling to meet its sender. If it takes you too long to reach the meeting place, it is possible that you will never make it to Sentinel City in time regardless of how fast you travel. If you don't have access to the Mages Guild's Teleporter Service there is no way you can rescue Lord K'avar before his execution is scheduled in some cases. Since this quest has no consequences for failure, you may simply accept this circumstance and try again the next time it is offered.

If you have enough time to reach Sentinel City, travel there. Enter the palace and head for the throne room. Lord K'avar is held captive in a cell deep within the palace dungeons.

Finding Lord K'avar[edit]

In the palace dungeons you will encounter various humanoid enemies, like archers and spellswords. You may also run into some orc shamans, orc warlords and wraiths.

DF-map-Lord K'avar Quest Part II 01.jpg

Starting from the throne room take the first door to the south. The door will be locked, so you should come prepared. Using force to open it is not a good idea, because there are several royal knights in the throne room that will attack you if you attempt to break open the door. Once the door is open walk south until you come to an elevator, ride up the elevator.

DF-map-Lord K'avar Quest Part II 02.jpg

Once you reach the upper level follow the hallway.

DF-map-Lord K'avar Quest Part II 03.jpg

Follow the apparently endless hallway further until the ambiance changes and dungeon music starts to play.

DF-map-Lord K'avar Quest Part II 04.jpg

Follow the stairs down until you come to a door. Don't go through that door, but follow the hallway east, past an intersection, then turn north and head west at a second intersection. Follow the hallway north, until it makes a turn to the east.

DF-map-Lord K'avar Quest Part II 05.jpg

Follow the hallway east and down, go past an open doorway than head south. Go west past a second intersection and follow the hallway until the textures of the environment change.

DF-map-Lord K'avar Quest Part II 06.jpg

Follow the hallway past a door and at the first intersection go north, than head west and go up the stairs.

DF-map-Lord K'avar Quest Part II 07.jpg

Once you have climbed the stairs, follow the hallway until you come to an intersection. Head east and follow the hallway until you come to a second intersection. From there head east and go up the stairs.

DF-map-Lord K'avar Quest Part II 08.jpg

From the top of the stairs follow the hallway until you reach an intersection, head west there and turn north at a second intersection. Follow the hallway north and go through the door. Head east after you walked through the door and go up.

DF-map-Lord K'avar Quest Part II 09.jpg

Follow the hallway until you reach an intersection and head east there. Follow the hallway and go up, you are almost there.

DF-map-Lord K'avar Quest Part II 10.jpg

Follow the hallway further and you will eventually reach Lord K'avar's cell. There will be an archer in front of the door and a spellsword guarding Lord K'avar. There will also be some loot in the cell. In the room south of the cell is a torture instrument and a treasure pile you can collect.

The Rescue[edit]

Lord K'avar in his cell

Before you can get to Lord K'avar, you must deal with the spellcasting guard. Unfortunately, when hit, the spellsword shouts:

"Raise the alarm! Lord K'avar is escaping! (Guard's name), come quick!"

Once the alarm is raised, more spellswords will show up. Deal with them and speak to Lord K'avar, who exclaims:

"(Oath), am I glad to see you. We must get out of here before the alarm is raised. I was just plotting my escape when you showed up, but no need for that now, eh? My strong right arm, that's what I've always called you. I promise, when I am King of Sentinel, you will be there at my side, the richest lord of the kingdom! Sounds good, eh? Once we're clear of pursuit, take me to (second town). I have a friend there at (building) who will help me organize the conquest of Sentinel anew. Lead on, good (player's name), let us away!"

Escaping the Palace Dungeons[edit]

Lord K'avar's friend

If you don't have a recall anchor set, you must head back to the palace entrance on your own. Beware, you will be pursued by the spellswords along the way. Once you are outside, travel to the safehouse Lord K'avar told you about. The town where this hideout is located will be in the same region where you met the contact in the tavern earlier in this quest. The time limit for reaching the safehouse depends on the distance between it and Sentinel City. However this time limit is not visible to you, so make haste.

Bring Lord K'avar to the hideout town in time to receive your reward from him. You will by pursued by any remaining spellswords from the palace dungeons until Lord K'avar is safe. Once you have arrived, locate the safehouse; it will be a random building in town, so ask around to find its location. Enter the building and speak with Lord K'avar's friend to complete the quest and collect your reward.


When you talk to the friend at the safehouse, Lord K'avar says:

"(Player's first name), you saved my life when most of my supposed friends abandoned me. I am in your debt. My resources are not what they once were, but accept this (random gold) gold as a small token of my gratitude."

Reputation Gain/Loss[edit]

If you rescue Lord K'avar from the bowels of Castle Sentinel you will lose reputation as seen in the table below:

Faction/Person Reputation Gain
Sentinel -20
Queen Akorithi -20
Sentinel's associated factions -10


  • Enemies
  • One Spellsword guarding Lord K'avar
  • 20x One Spellsword every two in-game minutes (50% chance) if you attack the Spellsword guarding Lord K'avar


  • This quest is only available with the CompUSA Special Edition Patch.
  • The time limit for this quest can be checked in you journal after you have spoken to the contact in the tavern. However, the counter already started when you get the letter from the courier.
  • If you are not sure whether you are still in time during the quest, check your journal. If the quest is no longer active its journal entries will be gone.
  • Lord K'avar will always be at the same quest location within Castle Sentinel.
  • Since Lord K'avar is also one of Sentinel's associated factions you will lose reputation with him as well, which does not make much sense considering the fact that you have saved his life.
  • You can embark on this quest as often as you can get it from a Fighter Quester of the Fighters Guild.


  • Upon delivering Lord K'avar safely, his parting dialogue may fail to appear.

Additional Dialogue[edit]

After you have accepted this quest, NPCs may say when asked for any news:

  • "One of Queen Akorithi's high lords was arrested for treason. His friends are pleading for mercy, but the Queen has already scheduled his execution date."

If you fail the quest, NPCs may say when asked for any news:

  • "Did you hear that Lord K'avar of Sentinel was executed for treason? Apparently it was quite a spectacle -- they hanged him in the public square in front of Queen Akorithi's Castle."
  • "Lord K'avar of Sentinel was hanged for treason. They say he pleaded for his life quite shamefully before he died."

If you successfully complete the quest, NPCs may say when asked for any news:

  • "They say that Lord K'avar escaped from the dungeon of Castle Sentinel, right from under the noses of Queen Akorithi's guards. She must be furious!"

Quest Log[edit]

Lord K'avar Quest Part II (s0000500)
Finishes Quest Journal Entry
0 (Date): I have received a letter from one (contact's name), asking me to meet (him/her) at (tavern) in (first town), on some matter having to do with Lord K'avar of Sentinel.
1 (Date): I met with (contact's name), who told me that Lord K'avar languishes in the dungeons of Sentinel, with his execution scheduled in (time limit) days. (Contact's name) begged me to rescue Lord K'avar before it was too late.
2 (Date): I have rescued Lord K'avar from Castle Sentinel's dungeon, and am taking (him/her) to (building) in (second town) where we will meet an ally of Lord K'avar.