Daggerfall:King of Worms' Minions

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Controls The King of Worms' minions during the totem quest.
Location(s): Iliac Bay
Prerequisite Quest: Who Gets the Totem
Reward: None
ID: S0000103


This quest runs in the background and is used to control various events related to the Main Quest of Daggerfall.

Its purpose is to send the King of Worms' minions after you once your Reputation with him drops below 0 and the quest Who Gets the Totem is still running. The quest also starts if you exit Castle Daggerfall with the Totem and your reputation with the King of Worms is lower than 0.

The startup of the quest is irreversible; even if your reputation rises to 5 or higher again, the quest remains active. Its time limit is 444 days, 10 hours, 40 minutes.


From 20:51 to 04:09

  • 20x Three Vampires every 24 in-game hours (5% chance) once the quest begins
  • 10x Two Vampire Ancients 24 in-game hours (3% chance) once the quest begins

DF-creature-Vampire.gif DF-creature-Ancient Vampire.gif


  • The quest will not end until the time limit expires, even after the Totem has been given to someone or vanished after 361 days.
    • There is a third-party quest patch which causes the quest to end once the Totem has been given to someone. It can be found here.

Additional Dialogue[edit]

When you hit one of the King of Worms' minions for the first time, you may hear:

  • "None may defy the King of Worms and live to tell of it. You have denied him the Totem of Tiber Septim. Therefore I will slay you and bring it to him."
  • "I will take the Totem and drink from you veins on this night. Just surrender and it will be relatively painless."
  • "The King of Worms wants the Totem. Since he has no reason to believe that you might give it to him of your own free will, I am here to kill you."