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Daggerfall:Former Student Part II

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Help the renegade mage find a box within the Direnni Tower.
Location(s): Any
Reward: Random magical item/Nothing
Reputation Gain: see Reputation Gain/Loss
ID: s0000502
Difficulty: Hard
Added by: CompUSA Special Edition
Baltham Greyman needs your help inside Direnni Tower

Quick Walkthrough[edit]

  1. If you let Baltham Greyman go in the previous quest, wait between 31 and 93 days.
  2. Receive a letter via a trained raven.
  3. Meet Baltham Greyman's "messenger" in the town and in the tavern named in the letter.
  4. Hit the atronach you encounter inside the tavern.
  5. Travel to the Direnni Tower.
  6. Find Baltham Greyman inside and talk to him.
  7. Find the box Baltham Greyman is looking for.
  8. Pick up the box and battle a Fire Daedra.
  9. Exit the Direnni Tower within the time limit.

Detailed Walkthrough[edit]

On the Wings of a Raven[edit]

The raven's message sends you to a local inn

If Baltham Greyman survived the previous quest, you will receive a notification some time later:

A raven circles overhead, then alights on your shoulder. Most unusually, it is carrying an engraved card in its beak. It fixes you with one beady eye, tucks the card into your shirt, and flaps away.

Open the letter. It reads:

(Player's name): Greetings!
I hope this note finds you well.
Are you interested in a little
adventure? If so, meet my messenger
at (tavern) in (town).
Your partner in Unsanctioned Magery,
Baltham Greyman

Wonders Beyond Imagining[edit]

Baltham Greyman's atronach

Meeting the messenger is optional; since the quest has not yet officially begun, there is no penalty for choosing to ignoring the invitation altogether. If you do wish to embark on this adventure, travel to the town named in the letter. This town will be always be located in the same region where you received the previous quest from the Mages Guild. This information does not appear in either the letter or your journal, however, so you must rely on memory (see bugs). Enter the tavern where the messenger awaits; as soon as you step inside, a message appears:

A faint scent of brimstone greets you as you walk through the door. Is that an atronach over there? With a note pinned to its back saying, "HIT ME"?

Hit the atronach once with any weapon or your bare hands to hear:

The atronach intones stonily:
"Hello (player's name). I am (atronach's name), humble servant of Baltham Greyman. he [sic] asks if you would like to explore Direnni Tower on the Isle of Balfiera with him. A magical place full of wonders beyond imagining. My master will meet you there in (time limit) days." With that, (atronach's name) disappears in a puff of smoke.

Travel to the Direnni Tower and seek out Baltham Greyman within.

Finding Baltham Greyman[edit]

DF-map-Freeing Medora B01.jpg
DF-map-Former Student Part II 01.jpg

Kill the two skeletal warriors that attack as soon as you open the door to the main room and walk down the staircase. Destroy the pair of vampires waiting at the bottom, then climb the other staircase, killing any wraiths that attack as you ascend, until you reach the door at the top. This door is locked, so open it either by magic, lockpicking or brute force. Baltham Greyman will be waiting for you in the room beyond.

Baltham Greyman is back

Once you have found him, Greyman will greet you by saying:

"(Player's first name), I'm glad you could join my little party. Listen, I'm looking for one specific thing, a (Large chest) which I believe is somewhere within Direnni Tower. You can keep anything else we find, all I want is that box. Well then, let's be on our way, shall we?"

He will accompany you on your search for the item in question, an ornate chest, within this large dungeon. Once in a while, Baltham Greyman may make amusing comments while you are fighting various undead monsters within the tower:

  • "Take that! and that! you moldy old thing!"
  • "That's the spirit! How about a little of this, too!"
  • "Bloody hell, let's get out of here! If I can just get this spell to work..."

When the mummies and zombies show up, he will use his magic on the very first creature in each contingent, but won't aid you in combat any further.

Finding the Box[edit]

Location of the chest Baltham Greyman is searching for
The box

Read the walkthrough for the Direnni Tower to learn how to reach the huge room with the hollow truncated pyramid. The box will be on the platform extending out from above the pyramid's top.

Opening the Box[edit]

Some boxes are best left unopened

When you have found the box pick it up, by clicking on it with the cursor, at which point Baltham Greyman will say:

"Ah, this is the (Large chest) I was looking for. Hmm, I was expecting there to be some kind of guardian... uh oh..."

A Fire Daedra appears and attacks as soon as you have picked up the box. Kill it or wait one in-game minute to let Baltham Greyman cast a Banish Daedra spell on the fiery monster. Exit the Direnni Tower afterwards. Once you both are outside, he will thank you for aiding him in his search, but will disappear without giving you any reward.

If you pick up the box before meeting Baltham Greyman, he takes it from you and gives you a random magical item as a reward. Afterwards, he will disappear. Assuming you have also no business left in the Direnni Tower, you can exit the dungeon.


If you already found the box before meeting Baltham Greyman, he will say:

"(Player's first name), good to see you again! You seem to have started without me -- that chest you're carrying is exactly the thing I was looking for. You don't mind if I borrow it, do you? Thanks so much!"

He then gives you a magical item, adding:

"Here's a little something I've been working on. See how you like it. I'm off!"

If you exit Direnni Tower together, he says:

"Well then, it's been fun. Perhaps we can do this again sometime. Ta ta!"

Reputation Gain/Loss[edit]

Whether you complete the quest successfully or fail to complete it within the time limit, you will always lose reputation.

A failed quest results in a reputation loss according to the table below.

Faction/Person Reputation Gain
Oblivion and all associated Daedra Princes +1
Sheogorath -1
The Night Mother +1
The Dark Brotherhood and its associated factions +1
Ebonarm -1
The Order of Arkay and its associated factions -1
The Benevolence of Mara and its associated factions -1
The Akatosh Chantry and its associated factions -1
The School of Julianos and its associated factions +1
The House of Dibella and its associated factions -1
The Temple of Stendarr and its associated factions +1
The Mages Guild and its associated factions -1
The Thieves Guild and its associated factions +1
Random Ruler -1
Daggerfall and its associated factions -1
Sentinel and its associated factions -1
Wayrest and its associated factions -1
The King of Worms and The Necromancers -1
The Underking and his Agents -1
Orsinium and its associated factions -1
The Glenmoril Witches -1
The Dust Witches +1
The Daughters of Wroth +1
The Witches of the Marsh +1
The Beldama +1
The Tide Witches +1
The Merchants -1
The Bards -1
The Prostitutes -1
Wrothgarian Mountains and its associated factions +1

(Allies/Enemies affiliations for listed factions are not considered.)


  • Enemies
  • 10x One Mummy every five in-game minutes (20% chance) once you have found Baltham Greyman
  • 10x One Zombie every seven in-game minutes (20% chance) once you have found Baltham Greyman
  • One Fire Daedra as soon as you pick up the box

DF-creature-Mummy.gif DF-creature-Zombie.gif DF-creature-Fire Daedra.gif


  • The time limit for meeting the atronach depends on your travel time.
  • The overall time limit for this quest once you meet the atronach is 31 days and 6 hours.
  • The Quest Locations of Baltham Greyman and the box within the Direnni Tower are always the same.
  • Note that in Daggerfall Unity Baltham Greyman's locations may differ, and he can be in various quest locations across the entire Direnni Tower, such as standing right next to Medora in the corner, or in the coffin room at the end of the path close to the exit.


  • You only receive a reward from Baltham Greyman if find the box before speaking to him. If you travel together, the quest ends when you exit the tower and you receive nothing for your trouble.
    • This is addressed by DFQFIX; you will now receive Greyman's reward if he accompanied you during the search.
  • DFQFIX also adds the name of the region where the town and tavern are located to the message from the raven in case this information is needed.

Quest Log[edit]

Former Student Part II (s0000502)
Finishes Quest Journal Entry
0 (Date): Baltham Greyman, the rebel mage who was once my quarry, has asked me to meet his messenger in (tavern) in (town).
1 (Date): An atronach sent by Baltham Greyman informed me that he would like me to help him explore Direnni Tower on the Isle of Balfiera. Baltham Greyman will meet me there, somewhere.

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