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The Direnni Tower

The Direnni Tower is a castle with a large, round tower at the highest point of the Isle of Balfiera in the Iliac Bay. It is the home of Medora Direnni, former court sorceress of Daggerfall.

When Queen Mynisera banished Medora from court, she had a curse placed upon the tower to prevent Medora from leaving.[1] It is said that the trapped sorceress' attempts to summon the ghost of late King Lysandus caused the tower and all of Balfiera to be haunted by undead.[2][3]

Dungeon Layout[edit]

Using in-game denotation for dungeon-modules:

                    B0000006  N0000020  B0000008
          B0000005  W0000004 @S0000181  B0000009
B0000004  S0000180  W0000003  N0000012  B0000010
          B0000013  B0000012  B0000011

Dungeon-Modules: 16
Quest Locations: 12

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