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Find a cure for your vampirism.
Location(s): Any
Reward: None
Reputation Gain: see Reputation Loss
ID: $curevam
Required Reputation: Any
Difficulty: Hard
Choose a side, and face the consequences of your decision

Quick Walkthrough[edit]

  1. Receive a letter from a vampire hunter.
  2. Meet with a vampire and obtain the whereabouts of a second vampire.
  3. Meet the second vampire in time and obtain the location of your bloodline's bloodfather.
  4. Travel to the dungeon where your bloodfather lives.
  5. Destroy your bloodfather within the time limit to be cured of vampirism.

Detailed Walkthrough[edit]

Becoming the Hunted[edit]

If you are a vampire, you will notice something one night:

An unfamiliar object in your pack catches your eye. It is a letter, addressed to you in an elegant flowing script. How did that get there?

Open your inventory and read the letter:

Dear (player's name) of (bloodline),
Let me introduce myself. I am (hunter's name).
You may have heard of me -- the renowned vampire
hunter? Do not be hasty in your judgment of me,
however. I am not your enemy, at least not yet.
While I abhor vampirism with a passion, and have
devoted my life to stamping out this dark plague
from Tamriel, I understand that many are innocent
victims like yourself. The will to live is not
of itself evil, and I always try to offer my quarry
one chance to prove that their bloody work is based
on necessity, not love for killing.
I am sure that your "kinfolk" have not told
you this, but vampirism can be cured. To do so,
you must kill your "bloodfather", the ancient evil
that created the line of vampires leading to you.
In doing so, you will not only free yourself, but
rid (region) of a cancer at its heart.
I myself do not know where to find your
"bloodfather," but my sources have revealed the name
of one high in (bloodline) who should have this information,
(first vampire's name) of (first town). I will wait
(time limit) days before moving against the vampires of (region),
to give you a chance to save yourself.
Consider my offer well, (player's name). You have
(time limit) days, then you and the rest of (bloodline)
will be hunted down like vermin.
(Hunter's name)

Matters of Life and (Un)Death[edit]

The First Vampire[edit]

The Fighters Guild colludes with many vampire tribes
Proof of your trustworthiness

Head to the town named in the letter. Ask around to determine your contact's location, enter the building, and speak to the vampire. If you are still carrying the hunter's letter, a prompt appears:

Do you want to show (first vampire's name) the letter from (hunter's name)?

If you choose "Yes", you show the letter to the vampire and hear:

"You have done well to bring this to me, (player's name). (Hunter's name) has been the bane of (bloodline) for years. With this advance warning, we can save the lives of many of our kinfolk. Do not underestimate the danger you are in, (player's first name). (Hunter's name) is ruthless and competent, and (his/her) spies are everywhere. (he/she) would make an excellent addition to (bloodline) -- perhaps (he/she) will yet. Be that as it may, (he/she) knows your name, and do not doubt that (he/she) will attempt to make good on (his/her) threat. May the night keep you safe."

Do this and you will fail the quest. If you wish to remain a vampire this is no real loss, save for being harassed by the vampire hunter's legion of knights for some time afterward.

If you answer "No" (or are not carrying the letter), you are told:

(Player's name), isn't it? I have heard good things about you from the rest of (bloodline). So, you want to find your bloodfather. An understandable urge, although this is a privilege not usually granted to one of your youth. However, you have made such progress in (bloodline) already, I believe I can make an exception. Let me see, he must be either (first elder's name) or (second elder's name). You can find them at (first dungeon) and (second dungeon), respectively. I would advise against intruding on an elder's seclusion lightly, however. It would be best if you looked up (second vampire's name) of (second town). (he/she [sic]) is the Keeper of the Bloodline, and will be able to tell you with certainty which of (bloodline) elders is your bloodfather. Take this bracelet to (him/her) so (he/she) will know I sent you."

Time is of the essence, so decide if you want to meet the second vampire or explore the possible dungeons on your own. Choose wisely, as the wrong dungeon will still hold a Vampire Ancient (just not the one who is your bloodfather) and he will not be happy at your intrusion:

"Stripling, do not disturb my mediations [sic]! Begone, or my hunger will force me to slay you!"

When this incorrect elder dies you receive a notification:

You have slain (elder's name), Elder of (bloodline).

You will not, however, be cured of your vampirism. In addition, the Elder's demise will significantly damage your reputation with his vampire bloodline.

The Second Vampire[edit]

The Keeper of the Bloodline

To be sure which Elder is your bloodfather, head to the second town and find the second vampire there. Do so quickly, as you only have one to three days to make it to the meeting; if you miss the appointment, other vampires will discover your intention to destroy your line's bloodfather and they will start hunting you down. In addition, both your vampire contacts will henceforth be gone. If you hit one of these vampires for the first time, it will hiss:

"Bloodtraitor! We have learned of your treachery. You will never find (bloodfather's name), although your days as one of (bloodline) are about to end, do not worry. (Hunter's name) will not need to hunt you down."

Once you have located the second vampire, show the bracelet and be told:

"Hmph. You are very young to be entrusted with such information. However, since you carry (first vampire's name)'s token, I will reveal to you where your bloodfather, (second elder's name), resides. You will find him in his lair in (second dungeon). Be aware that at this time of year, the elders do not like to be disturbed by anyone. Intrude upon (second elder's name)'s solitude at your peril."

Breaking the Curse[edit]

The bloodfather is not reaching out for a hug

Now that you know the location of your bloodfather for sure, travel to the dungeon and find him within. Being an Elder of the bloodline, your bloodfather will be a Vampire Ancient, so be prepared for a vicious battle. When you hit him for the first time he will hiss:

"(Player's name), your blood calls to me. Why do you strike your own father? (Bloodline) punishes patricide with death. Do not force me to carry out this sentence myself. Flee, my child!"

Destroy him for good, and your non-vampiric portrait appears, along with a notification:

As (bloodfather's name) dies, you feel the curse of vampirism lift from your soul. You are no longer a vampire.

Destroying your bloodfather will severely damage your reputation with his vampire bloodline, but this is likely a small price to pay for being rid of vampirism once and for all.

Reputation Loss[edit]

You may lose reputation during this quest with the first vampire's e.g. your bloodfather's bloodline depending on your actions.

Action Reputation Loss
Asking the first vampire NPC about your bloodfather's location -15
Kill the elder at the first dungeon -15
Kill your bloodfather -20


  • Random dungeon monsters
  • Quest Target: One Vampire Ancient, your bloodfather
  • One Vampire Ancient at the first dungeon
  • 10x One Vampire every sixty in-game minutes (25% chance) daily from 18:01 to 05:59 if the player hasn't met the second vampire NPC in time
  • 30x One Knight every sixty in-game minutes (20% chance) after the quest's time limit has expired and the player hasn't cured himself of vampirism by killing the bloodfather

DF-creature-Ancient Vampire.gif DF-creature-Ancient Vampire.gif DF-creature-Vampire.gif


  • As an alternative to this quest, you can accept the quest A Special Mixture from any Witch Coven to cure yourself of vampirism.
  • Your bloodfather will always be Elder Vampire located within the second dungeon.
  • Once the quest's time limit has expired, the two vampire NPCs will disappear and the knights of the vampire hunter will begin showing up to kill you. They will hunt you for seven to twenty eight days, until their contingent is exhausted or the quest has ended when this period has passed.
  • The two vampire NPCs may belong to different bloodlines from your own. The bloodline involved in any quest, not just vampire quests, will always be the region's dominant bloodline. This circumstance makes it somewhat difficult to improve the reputation with your own bloodline purposefully.
  • Because of the infamous "clear quest-flag bug" the enemy vampires will appear only for the very first night you encounter them, although they should appear every night until their contingent is exhausted or the quest ends.

Additional Dialogue[edit]

If you ask an NPC about the hunter, you may be told:

  • "(Hunter's name) searches out and destroys vampires all across Tamriel."
  • "(Hunter's name) has devoted (his/her) life to hunting vampires."
  • "They say that (hunter's name)'s own father was killed by vampires. That's what drove (him/her) to (his/her) fanatical hatred of them."
  • "(Hunter's name) killed (his/her) own father after he became a vampire. Now that's what I call a true zealot!"

After you have accepted this quest, NPCs may say when asked for any news:

  • "(Hunter's name) is leading a new crusade against vampires through (region) soon. Maybe then we'll be able to walk the streets at night again without fear.'

Once the quest is over, NPCs may say when asked for any news:

  • "(Hunter's name) and (his/her) men killed a lot of vampires in (region), but I doubt they got them all."
  • "(Hunter's name) should have left well enough alone. (His/Her) crusades just send the vampires into hiding, and when (he/she) leaves, they come back stronger than ever."

Quest Log[edit]

Cure for Vampirism ($curevam)
Finishes Quest Journal Entry
0 (Date): The vampire hunter (hunter's name) has sent me a letter vowing to hunt me down unless I cure myself of vampirism by killing my bloodfather. (Hunter's name) does not know who or where my bloodfather is, but (he/she) suggested that (first vampire's name) of (first town) might know. I have (time limit) days before the vampire hunt begins.
1 (Date): (First vampire's name) believes that my bloodfather lives either in (first dungeon) or (second dungeon), but advised that I take (his/her) bracelet to (second vampire's name) of (second building), (second town), who can tell me for sure where to find him.
2 (Date): (Second vampire's name) told me that my bloodfather's name is (second elder's name), and that he lives in (second dungeon).