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Skill Codes[edit]

n ±m

Skills can be altered, either upwards or downwards, via the biography system. The base form is n ±m, where n is the index of a skill (see table below), and m is the signed magnitude.

[Example: 9 +20 would improve your character's Daedric skill by 20 points, whereas 0 -5 would penalize your character's Medical skill by 5 points. ]

Skill Code Values[edit]

Skill name by Index variable 'n'
n Skill Name n Skill Name
0 Medical 18 Climbing
1 Etiquette 19 Backstabbing
2 Streetwise 20 Dodging
3 Jumping 21 Running
4 Orcish 22 Destruction
5 Harpy 23 Restoration
6 Giantish 24 Illusion
7 Dragonish 25 Alteration
8 Nymph 26 Thaumaturgy
9 Daedric 27 Mysticism
10 Spriggan 28 Short Blade
11 Centaurian 29 Long Blade
12 Impish 30 Hand-to-Hand
13 Lockpicking 31 Axe
14 Mercantile 32 Blunt Weapon
15 Pickpocket 33 Archery
16 Stealth 34 Critical Strike
17 Swimming

Skill Code Example[edit]

3.      In between formal study, you spent your
        time ___.
a.      socializing with aristocrats
        1 +6
        r3 +5
        r0 -5
b.      learning streetsmarts
        2 +6
        r0 +2
        r4 +3
        r3 -5
c.      practicing acrobatics
        4 +2
        20 +2
        18 +2
d.      learning economics
        14 +6
e.      swimming
        17 +6
f.      sparring
        30 +6

In this example from biog00t0.txt, we see the skill impacts of the different answers. Selecting option 'a', for example, will boost our character's Etiquette skill, whereas option 'f' improves his Hand-to-Hand skill, and option 'c' is the incorrect increase in Orcish rather than the intended Jumping skill.

See Skill Descriptions.

† There appears to be some discrepancies between the skill indexes for "Jumping" and "Orcish." biog00t0.txt diverges from biog01t0.txt with regards to the results of question "In between formal study, you spent your time ___." when answering "practicing acrobatics". The former file results in 4 +2 while the latter yields 3 +2. Presumably specializing in acrobatics would improve Jumping rather than Orcish. One would expect identity between the two files, not disparity. It is possible there are uncorrected errors in the source material, as of patch 213.

‡   This file is incorrect in any patch level. To correct the obvious fat-fingered typo, one may simply open it with any text editor which preserves TAB characters and uses CRLF for line-termination (such as notepad), and change the first implication of option 'c' from "4 +2" to "3 +2".