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The following items appear in The Infernal City and Lord of Souls.

Ampher Venin
A type of poison. Slyr uses it in an attempt to kill Annaïg. Its effects are delayed, but once they are present, it acts quickly. It tastes like lemon and turpentine to Annaïg.
Astorie is a book, or a series of books. The man Colin kills to be fully accepted into the Penitus Oculatus explains that he was quoting from book three of it after he says "Well, it's simple today. You can tell them there's nothing new. And if anyone asks, tell them that no food, no wine, no lover's kiss is as beautiful as a long, deep breath."
Coo is a small mechanical bird given to Annaïg Hoïnart by her mother, and possibly designed by the now-extinct Dwemer. It is brass-colored but very lightweight, and its eyes are garnets set in darker metal. It seems to possess some form of intelligence, as it can be sent off to find a specific person, and can navigate terrain and find the selected person. Once there, Coo maintains a communicative ability between itself and Annaig's Locket, allowing for communication between people great distances apart.
Cuisine Spirituelle
Cuisine Spirituelle is a term for the distilled spiritual essences that the high lords of Umbriel consume.
A food made from marshmerrow.
Prince Attrebus' sword.
A food from Morrowind, made from marshmerrow.
Hlzu Gum
A substance that Annaïg uses to hold some items together while cooking. She uses spirits of coatin to unseal it.
Ichor of Winged Twilight
An ingredient that Annaïg uses in her flying potion; it's described as a black liquid.
The Ingenium was a device designed by Vuhon to hold the Ministry of Truth aloft over Vvardenfell by consuming souls. This process started by using prisoners and undesirables, which resulted in their immediate death. Eventually, it used souls which could continue to feed the ingenium without causing immediate death. When Sul's lover Ilzheven was taken, he turned on the others, causing the ingenium to crash, setting off the eruption of Red Mountain and killing thousands of Dunmer in the process.
Liquor Spiritualis
Liquor spiritualis is a term for the distilled spiritual essences that the high lords of Umbriel consume.
The Most Current and High Adventures of Prince Attrebus
The Most Current and High Adventures of Prince Attrebus is a book that is on the shelf in Sul's room in the Lank Fellow Inn in Chorrol. There is an engraving of the prince on the frontispiece. Sul recognizes Attrebus' face from his dream, and takes it as a sign from Azura that he should find him.
A substance used in cooking that can be distilled, though that process can be dangerous and cause serious burns.
Qijne's Invisible Blade
Also known as Qijne's Filleting Knife, her blade is a magical item which is constantly invisible, and is intangible when not in use. Possibly biological, it wraps itself around the wielder's forearm. When the wielder becomes overcome with rage, it springs into action, deadly sharp and impossible to track. Qijne uses it in multiple executions and battles. At her death, the blade attaches itself to Annaïg's arm. Annaïg realizes that it only seems to appear when she genuinely wants to kill someone.
Mazgar gra Yagash's sword. It has an ivory grip.
A sickly-sweet scented substance that causes unconsciousness when inhaled.
A small box of Ayleid creation carried by Colin. It is metal and roughly an inch in diameter, and Colin uses it to ensnare a daedra in Minister Hierem's rooms.
Spirits of Coatin
A substance that unseals hlzu gum.
Tales of Southern Waters
Tales of Southern Waters is a book that is on the shelf in Sul's room in the Lank Fellow Inn in Chorrol. He takes its presence as a sign from Azura as to where to go next.
An Argonian wine made with sugarcane, produced by Mere-Glim's cousins, as it is more profitable and easier to transport than the cane itself.
An ingredient, possibly some sort of plant, from Morrowind or Black Marsh. Annaïg says it begs to be made into vverm.
A type of food made from urgandil.