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A werewolf

If you play the main quest, you will start hearing rumors about the Bloodmoon Prophecies, and while wandering Solstheim at night, you may encounter werewolves. There are random werewolves in the wilderness and in caves, as well as scripted events.

Fighting a Werewolf[edit]

Werewolves are humanoids that have great strength, speed and endurance. As strong as they are individually, they become lethal in packs, so some form of crowd control is recommended (Paralyze or Calm Humanoid). Silver weapons are extra effective as they do double physical damage and fire-based effects are less likely to be resisted. During Hircine's Hunt, you'll fight many packs of very strong werewolves, unless you are one yourself.

Becoming a Werewolf[edit]

Becoming a werewolf is simple, and parallel to becoming a vampire on Vvardenfell: fight one (it can be either in human or werewolf form) and contract Sanies Lupinus; after waiting for three days with this disease, you will become a werewolf.

The easiest way to become a werewolf is by progressing through the Main Quest and not obtaining a cure after being informed that you have the disease during the quest The Siege of the Skaal Village.

You can likewise become a Werewolf by trying to find one of the elusive wandering werewolves or putting on Hircine's Ring, which will give you the same special abilities.

Finding a Werewolf[edit]

Unfortunately, finding werewolves around Solstheim is not very easy; there are only nine in existence outside of the Main Quest. Wandering werewolves are found in human form during the day (between 6am and 9pm), with the name "Raving Lunatic", "Confused Lunatic" or something similar. During the night (9pm to 6am) you'll find them in werewolf form, and should exercise caution when approaching them.

There are several werewolves found during the main quest. The attack during the Siege of the Skaal Village ensures that you will encounter at least seven, and contract Sanies Lupinus. If you cure yourself after the siege, ten werewolves will appear in the Tombs of Skaalara during the quest for The Totem of Claw and Fang. There is a total of 40 werewolves to be found during Hircine's Hunt. Lastly, there is the werewolf that you create during the cure quest.

The Transformation[edit]

Every night you will have a vision of Hircine, and after that, you will be in werewolf form and will have to kill an NPC that night, or you will lose large amounts of health the following morning. While in werewolf form, you will have a permanent Detect Animal for 4000 points around you; however unlike the regular Detect Animal spell, this shows only NPCs on the Map (seeing as you need to kill an NPC every night to maintain your health, this is quite handy). You will also have 25 points of Night Eye. Your inventory is inaccessible and you cannot interact with anything (no looting, opening, unlocking, talking, etc.). Your only weapons when in werewolf form are your claws (they damage health instead of fatigue despite technically being considered your hands); you also can't use magic.

Your attributes and skills are set to the following values, regardless of what they are in normal form:

Hircine, Daedric Lord of the Hunt and Werewolves
Stat Value
Health Twice Normal Amount
Strength 150
Agility 150
Speed 150
Endurance 150
Hand-to-Hand 100
Athletics 150
Unarmored 100
Acrobatics 150
Everything Else 1

Additionally, your inventory weight is ignored, run speed is increased by 50%, and jumping distance is increased.[verification needed — This function?] Damage with a fully drawn Werewolf claw is normally equal to 125, or 175 if the Dream of Hircine quest has been completed.

  • More technically, maximum damage is equal to Hand-to-Hand * 5 * WerewolfClawMult, where WerewolfClawMult starts at 25 and is set to 35 after the aforementioned quest.

Normally, no one will know that you are a werewolf, but if you are seen transforming by anyone (even if you kill them immediately afterwards), everyone will know you are a werewolf and will usually attack you on sight even during the day. Each morning, you will transform back as you were before the transformation, except all of your equipment will be removed.

Hircine's Ring[edit]

You get Hircine's Ring at the end of the Main Quest, during Hircine's Hunt. If you put Hircine's ring on, you will turn into a werewolf for around six hours. You won't suffer from bloodlust, so you won't lose health if you don't kill anyone. But if you put it on while NPCs are looking, the world will still know you as a werewolf.

The Cure[edit]

If you've had enough of being a blood-thirsty lycanthrope every night and want to go back to normal, all you have to do is obtain and follow the werewolf cure quest: Rite of the Wolf Giver.

Living as a Werewolf[edit]

First person perspective as a werewolf

Solstheim is a good place to live as a werewolf because Berserkers, Fryse Hags, Reavers and Smugglers make great re-spawning sacrifices. You can leave your house at eight (an hour before you become a werewolf), and sit around for a while away from anybody that may spot you. When you transform, you can maul a couple of respawning NPCs, then wait until you become human again and resume your normal life.

Using any non-instant transport can be tricky because you may transform during the journey. Travel early in the day. Note that, as a Werewolf, your athletics are increased, so consider swimming as a viable method of travel.

Back on Vvardenfell, living as a werewolf is not as tough as it might seem. There are plenty of places to hide and plenty of people to kill, but there are fewer bandits and re-spawning NPCs. Guards, though, if lured from the safety of their towns, make good victims.

Living as both a werewolf and a vampire is tough, as the disadvantages of both add up. Travel and general interaction with people become pretty limited, for instance, and you take sun damage and must kill every night. The stat increases, however, are considerable.


Most Werewolves seen in the game are actually NPCs, not creatures.

Creature Werewolves[edit]

Creature Drops Health Resist Fire Resist Frost Resist Magicka Attacks Soul
Werewolf Innocent
(Involved in the Rite of the Wolf Giver)
Guar Hide (40% chance) 300 - - -
  • 1-9 pts melee
Werewolf *
nothing 38
  • 1-9 pts melee

* This one seems to be a non-implemented test creature. It doesn't even have any attack animations, so all it can do is walk around. It is also not referenced within the construction set.

NPC Werewolves[edit]

All NPC werewolves are scripted, mainly for changing their form during nighttime. Because they are NPCs, they cannot be soultrapped, but they can fulfill your need for a nightly kill if you are in werewolf form. Apart from being werewolves, they all keep their individual abilities during their transformation.

  • NPCs marked with disease are contagious with Sanies Lupinus, the werewolf blood disease, which not only drains the fatigue but also infects one with Lycanthropy.
Creature Health Restore Health Resist Fire Resist Frost Resist Poison Resist Shock Resist Magicka Resist Common Disease Attacks
Werewolves found in the wilderness Script:Werewolfwilderness
Wandering Lunatic
bm_werewolf_wild01, Level 65, Nord Barbarian
420 1 - 100 - 50 - -
  • disease
Wandering Lunatic
bm_werewolf_wild02, Level 65, Orc Barbarian
420 1 - - - - 25 -
  • disease
Insane Wanderer
bm_werewolf_wild03, Level 99, female Dark Elf Barbarian
590 1 75 - - - - -
  • disease
Insane Wanderer
bm_werewolf_wild04, Level 65, female Nord Barbarian
500 1 - 100 - 50 - -
  • disease
Gibbering Lunatic
bm_werewolf_wild05, Level 87, Breton Barbarian
530 1 - - - - 50 -
  • disease
Gibbering Lunatic
bm_werewolf_wild06, Level 88, Breton Barbarian
535 1 - - - - 50 -
  • disease
Wandering Idiot
bm_werewolf_wild07, Level 75, Imperial Barbarian
535 1 - - - - - -
  • disease
Confused Lunatic
bm_werewolf_wild08, Level 55, Imperial Battlemage
500 1 - - - - - -
  • disease
Wandering Lunatic
bm_werewolf_wild09, Level 55, Nord Barbarian
500 1 - 100 - 50 - -
  • disease
Confused Lunatic *
bm_werewolf_wildernessC, Level 65, Nord Barbarian
500 1 - 100 - 50 - -
  • disease
*Only ever found in Connorflenge Barrow
2 Wolves during the Skaal attack inside the Greathall are based on:
BM_werewolf_skaal2a, Level 50, Argonian Acrobat
337 - - - 100 - - 75
  • disease
10 Wolves during the Ceremony in the Tombs of Skaalara, Quest:BM_Ceremony1, The Totem of Claw and Fang are based on:
werewolf_ceremony, Level 35, Argonian Acrobat
255 - - - 100 - - 75
3 Wolves during the Bearhunt, The Ristaag are based on:
werewolf_bearhunt, Level 35, Argonian Acrobat
255 - - - 100 - - 75
4 Wolves capture the player in his/her sleep for the start of the hunt, Quest:BM_WildHunt, Hircine's Hunt
BM_werewolf_wildhunt, BM_werewolf_wildhunt2, BM_werewolf_wildhunt3, BM_werewolf_wildhunt4, Level 50, Argonian Acrobat
337 - - - 100 - - 75
31 Wolves during Hircine's Hunt inside the Labyrinth, Hircine's Hunt are based on:
Hound of Hircine
BM_werewolf_maze1, Level 70, Argonian Acrobat
700 - - - 100 - - 75
1 Wolf at the Altar of Thrond, Rite of the Wolf Giver is based on:
Female Nord Innocent
wolfender_f_nord, Level 1, Nord Commoner
1 - - 100 - 50 - -

The Wandering Werewolves[edit]

All of the elusive wandering werewolves, except for one Battlemage, are Barbarians (levels vary from 50-100). Their races are: 1 Orc, 2 Nords, 1 Dark Elves, 2 Imperials, and 2 Bretons. The reason they are so elusive is that they are scripted to appear depending on your level; for example if you are level 35, you have a 35% chance to see one. All of them have at least one of these words in their name during the day: Confused, Gibbering, Insane, or Wandering. After dark if you come within spotting distance of one, a red light appears around it and it attacks.


  • Even if a Werewolf is under the influence of a player's Command Humanoid spell, there is a high chance that a nearby NPC will attack the brainwashed Werewolf and vice-versa, even if the other NPC is itself a Werewolf. To avoid potential bloodshed, cast a Calm Humanoid or Command Humanoid spell with a radius effect at all participating combatants.
  • Other than the player and a few other NPCs, the majority of the Werewolves present in the Bloodmoon expansion are permanently trapped in beast form and never revert to a humanoid shape, whether it is day or night.
  • Any NPC will engage in combat with you on sight if you are a werewolf, regardless of their aggression level. This even includes those with a fight value of zero, who would normally only engage if attacked first. Lower level NPCs or those with a high tendency to flee may run away instead, but a combat situation is always unavoidable when encountering NPCs as a werewolf.
  • The werewolf head is listed among the argonian heads in the construction set


  • As a werewolf, your claw attacks may do very low damage, even after completing the Dream of Hircine quest.
    • On PC This may be alleviated by using the console command set werewolfclawmult to 25.
  • If the effect of a custom-made fortify health potion is still active when transforming into a werewolf, then this health bonus is added permanently to your total health when turning back into humanoid form. This works only for health, your other attributes cannot be altered in this way. ?
  • If the effect of a custom-made fortify attribute potion is still active when transforming into a werewolf using Hircine's Ring, then this bonus is added permanently to your total attributes when turning back into humanoid form. ?