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Help Captain Falx Carius find out who has been smuggling weapons out of the fort.
Quest Giver: Falx Carius at Fort Frostmoth
Location(s): Fort Frostmoth, Gandrung Caverns
Prerequisite Quest: Rebellion at Frostmoth
Next Quest: The Disappearance of Captain Carius
Reward: Nordic Axe of Paralysis
ID: BM_Smugglers
Suggested Items: Cure Paralyzation, lockpick/Open spell (90), Resist Paralysis, Fortify Willpower, healing potions/spells (both self and touch/target)
Suggested Level: 30
Difficulty: Medium
The Orcish contingent of The Smugglers

Quick Walkthrough[edit]

  1. Speak to the Captain who will tell you to find out about weapon smuggling from the fort.
  2. Speak to Saenus Lusius or Gaea Artoria, and arrange to travel with one of them.
  3. Talk to Zeno Faustus to know about the Gandrung Caverns.
  4. Find the Gandrung Caverns just northeast of the fort along the sea.
  5. Kill all 5 NPCs in the caverns, or, if you sided with Saenus, make a deal with the leader.
  6. Return to the fort with the news.

Detailed Walkthrough[edit]

Captain Falx Carius[edit]

Speak to the Captain about Fort Business after exposing the priest Nuncius relating to the missing shipments of alcohol. The Captain says that he fears that weapons are being smuggled out of the fort and being shipped and sold in Vvardenfell. With a low supply of weapons, the fort's defense is lacking and morale is dropping further. The Captain asks that you cooperate with two of his soldiers on the matter, Saenus Lusius (in the General Quarters) and Gaea Artoria (in the General Quarters, Upper Level). Speak to them and choose one of them as your companion to investigate the matter.

The Investigation[edit]

Select one of the soldiers to be your companion by speaking to them. Lusius will find the smuggling ring quickly but is of little help in combat, while Artoria is an effective soldier but doesn't seem to know anything relevant about the smuggling. Either way, you will eventually be directed to Zeno Faustus in the Armory. Choosing Lusius will directly take you to Zeno, while choosing Artoria will mean you have to speak to a guard. If you're with Lusius, Faustus' disposition towards you must be at least 60, but Artoria's straight-laced nature will require him to have a disposition of 80+. Eventually, Faustus will mention that he overheard two soldiers talking about the Gandrung Caverns and a weapon stash there.

Gandrung Caverns[edit]

Gandrung Caverns.

Faustus tells you that the caverns are a bit northeast of the fort so head out that way. The cavern entrance is not far from the fort - look for a rock spire at the north end of the closest inlet (check your local map if you cannot find it). If you are having trouble spotting it, try going east from the fort to the water and following the coastline around.

Once inside you'll encounter no immediate resistance (other than a few rats) but you'll soon find one Mus Roscius who will attack you on sight (be wary as he is tough even for high-level characters). Most opponents in the cave have a paralysis weapon so ranged attacks, Resist Paralysis and/or Cure Paralyzation effects are recommended. Also, use your companion to your advantage. It is best to try and surround each opponent so both of you can attack at the same time. With this strategy you can hit your enemies so often that they rarely get a chance to swing at you. Note that you don't have to kill everyone if you take Saenus Lusius, you get the option to talk to the leader and work out an agreement for the smugglers to leave. Also, it is very important to get the companion back alive or the one you didn't take with you will attack you on sight, forcing you to kill him/her and breaking the Main Quest,[verification needed — fixed by latest patch?] unless you use a Calm Humanoid spell on them.

Exploring the Cave[edit]

Continue to explore the entire cave, killing anyone that you encounter. Once you kill them all (5 total) you will receive a journal entry to return and speak to the Captain. If you chose Saenus, you can also make a deal to let the leader of the smugglers go if you wish (he will give you the unique Nordic Axe of Paralysis, a very powerful axe that could come in handy especially against werewolves). Don't forget to take all the loot lying around (nothing very exciting however). At the north end of the cave you will find a piece of stalhrim, which can be mined and used to create new armor or weapons (during the East Empire Company Quests you receive a pickaxe that can be used to mine stalhrim).

Return to Captain Carius[edit]

Return to Captain Carius at Fort Frostmoth with the news of the smugglers. This will automatically lead into the next quest, The Disappearance of Captain Carius.


  • The smugglers continue fighting when you make a deal with the leader Spurius.

Quest Stages[edit]

The following Quest_ID and Index codes can be used with the Journal Console command to manually update the quest to a certain point.

The Frostmoth Smugglers (BM_Smugglers)
Index Finishes Quest Journal Entry
10 Captain Carius mentioned that he believes there is a problem with smugglers at Fort Frostmoth. He has noticed that the weapons stores are dangerously low, and he believes that someone must be smuggling them off the island.
20 I should speak with either Saenus Lusius or Gaea Artoria to help me ferret out the smugglers. Captain Carius tells me that Saenus Lusius is one of his brightest soldiers, and Gaea Artoria one of his strongest. I'll be able to find Lusius in the General Quarters, and Artoria in the General Quarters, Upper Level.
30 I have chosen to work with Saenus Lusius to discover the smuggling ring here at Fort Frostmoth. He seems to be very knowledgeable, and should be a valuable companion. We are to find the smuggled goods and report to Captain Carius. We may deal with the smugglers as we see fit.
35 I have chosen to work with Gaea Artoria to discover the smuggling ring here at Fort Frostmoth. From what I gather, there is no finer warrior at the garrison. We are to find the smuggled goods and report to Captain Carius. We may deal with the smugglers as we see fit.
40 Saenus Lusius has suggested we speak with a few of the soldiers to see who may be involved in the smuggling ring. The first he suggests we speak with is Zeno Faustus, whom Lusius believes we may trust. He can be found in the Armory.
45 Gaea Artoria believes we should start talking to other soldiers, but does not know with whom to speak. She suggests simply intimidating some of the soldiers into giving up information on the smuggling ring.
50 One of the soldiers I've spoken with suggests that Zeno Faustus may have knowledge of the smuggling ring. I may be able to find him at the Armory here at the fort.
60 Zeno Faustus seems willing to speak with me about the smuggling ring, as he trusts Saenus Lusius.
65 Zeno Faustus seems reluctant to speak with me about the smuggling ring.
70 Zeno Faustus has suggested that we investigate the Gandrung Caverns northeast of the fort. He believes that this area has been used as a storage area for the stolen goods. If we are to break up the smuggling ring, we will have to kill all the smugglers, or come to some other sort of arrangement with them.
80 I have found the smugglers' cave that Zeno Faustus suggested we investigate.
90 One of the smugglers, Gualtierus Spurius, has offered me a deal because he knows and trusts Saenus Lusius. In exchange for sparing his life, he will leave Solstheim and the stolen goods behind. In addition, he will give me an axe to keep silent about his whereabouts.
93 I've accepted Gualtierus Spurius' offer, and will allow him to leave the island. He's given me a silver axe in return, and has suggested I can take whatever I like from his stash of stolen goods.
95 I've declined Gualtierus Spurius' offer. He tells me that I will need to kill him and all of his companions to end this smuggling operation.
97 All of the smugglers in the hideout have been defeated. I should report to Captain Carius.
100 Finishes quest☑ I've returned to Fort Frostmoth to report to Captain Carius, but the Fort has been attacked in my absence.

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