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Upgrading Bloodmoon to the latest patch is highly recommended, as many bugs and glitches are often fixed by the patches.

  • Users that purchased Bloodmoon through Steam do not need to manually patch their copy; the latest patch is automatically incorporated into the expansion.
  • The Game of the Year edition includes all the latest patches.

Version 1.6.1820[edit]

Bug Fixes[edit]

  • Fixed conflicts between the werewolf quest line and the werewolf cure quest.
  • Turning into a vampire and werewolf at the same time using Hircine's Ring or by catching lycanthropy during main quest and then fighting a vampire is not possible now.
  • Fixed issue where Blindness spell no longer worked correctly.
  • Guards at Fort Frostmoth now remember if you've given them booze.
  • If your companion dies inadvertently during the smugglers quest, the remaining quest giver will now speak with you so that you can get the next quest.
  • The occasional crash caused by casting Recall, Divine Intervention, or Almsivi Intervention has been fixed.
  • Fixed art issues with Snow bear boots and the right snow wolf gauntlet.
  • Wolf, Bear, Ice and Nordic Mail armor all have correct weights now.
  • Hammock that didn't let you sleep in Raven Rock, Factor's Estate was removed.
  • Art using the SignRotate and Float script now works properly.
  • The female Bear and Wolf armor now appear properly.
  • The Stahlrim War Axe now ignores normal weapon resistances.
  • Made the hidden Daedric Right Pauldron slightly less hidden.
Tribunal Fixes (while Bloodmoon is loaded)
  • Changed the disable and enable teleport scripts with both Bloodmoon and Tribunal so that they don't conflict anymore.
  • Dandras Vules' dialogue no longer loops.
  • The dwarven satchel charges explode correctly.
  • The bridge in Sotha Sil, Dome of Udok will now animate correctly.
  • Error with returning Eleidon's Ward to the museum is fixed.
  • Fixed Summon Fabricant spell issues. It can be cast correctly now with Bloodmoon loaded.
  • Urvel Dulni will stop following you when you tell him to.
Morrowind Quests
  • Fixed a Main Quest-breaking state where Addhiranhir is betrayed, then persuaded to report on the Sixth House, but on return to Caius Cosades, he does not recognize that the quest has been completed.
  • Three Morag Tong Grandmaster quests could not be obtained from the questgiver because of incorrect condition checks. Now all four Grandmaster writs can be issued and executed.
  • Fixes an exceptional case where the vote counting global script does not start during a House Redoran quest, preventing the questgiver from recognizing quest completion and blocking advancement
  • Corrected a dialog where the string in the topic 'Progress of Truth' should have been 'watched by Ordinators' -- NOT 'watched by THE Ordinators'. This fails to set the topic 'watched by Ordinators', which gives the player the code word 'amaya'.
  • Fixed an exceptional case where the player is not advanced to Archmage after killing Archmage Trebonius.
  • Fixed a fault where Dren would not advance the PC to Councilman Rank; he would always skip a rank and make the PC Grandmaster.
  • Repaired a missing hyperlink in Tul's dialog that prevented him from following the PC, and blocking quest progress.
  • Fixed a fault which prevented Volrina Quarra from placing a journal which signaled the end of her quest.

Note About Loading All Three Master Files At Once In Construction Set[edit]

  • These errors do NOT affect the game. This message is strictly for anyone working on plugins in the Construction Set.
  • When loading all three master files in the Construction Set, several dialogue warnings will appear. None of these errors affects gameplay. The Construction Set believes there are errors because the Tribunal and Bloodmoon master files are designed to only be dependent on the Morrowind master file -- and not each other.
  • The Tribunal and Bloodmoon dialogue stacks generate an error message because they only expect the Morrowind dialogue stack to exist, and not dialogue from the other master file. The system does compensate and all the dialogue is in the correct order so quests still work correctly, but the error messages will continue to appear.
  • The workaround to get rid of the error messages is to add the following line to your morrowind.ini file:
  • When the error messages appear, click on CANCEL and you will only have to see the first error message. If you are a modder who is adding new dialogue, you can still look at your warnings.txt to debug your dialogue and look for issues.

Version 1.5.1629[edit]

Known Issues[edit]

  • When uninstalling Morrowind, the morrowind.esm and morrowind.bsa files are not removed.
  • Recommended spec machines may experience framerate issues in the Hirstaang Forest Region during snow and combat.
  • Loading Tribunal, Bloodmoon and Morrowind ESM master files all at once will result in several warnings.txt error messages - these warnings can be ignored.
  • If you plan on playing Bloodmoon and you've installed Tribunal AFTER installing Bloodmoon, you must re-install Bloodmoon.