Bloodmoon:Draugr Lord Aesliip

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Draugr Lord Aesliip (draugr_aesliip)
Location Solstheim, Caves of Fjalding
Species Draugr Soul Grand (200)
Level 50 Type Undead
  • 30−50 pts melee
  • Firefist -
Damage Health Damage Health 10−24 pts for 1 sec on Touch
Fire Damage Fire Damage 10−24 pts for 1 sec on Touch
Other Information
Health 800 Magicka 500
Alarm 0 Fight 0
Follower During The Skaal Test of Strength
Lord Aesliip

The Draugr Lord Aesliip is a unique and non-hostile draugr located deep in the Caves of Fjalding. During the quest below you are either to help or defeat him.

Related Quests[edit]

Main Quest[edit]

  • The Skaal Test of Strength: Prove your strength to the Skaal tribe by investigating the pillar of fire emanating from Lake Fjalding.


  • Greeting:
"You are brave or foolish to enter this place, %PCRace. But I sense a bit of wisdom in you...perhaps. I might kill you where you stand, were you to try and keep me from my task, but there are more dangerous things in these caves then this poor soul."
"There is more to my story, mortal. It is time for you to either listen or die, for my work is not complete."
"Let us continue."

After defeating the daedra with him:

"It is done. My time is over. You have done a service here today. Both to me, and to the people of this island. Now I may rest. Before I go, take this. May you have the strength of will to continue your own journey." Goodbye. (You receive Aesliip's Ring)
  • keep me from my task:
"I have been in this cave for many centuries. The draugr you met in this place are not my kin. Mindless creatures, driven only by desire for living flesh. My story is quite different."
"Nothing must keep me from it."
  • my story:
"I was once a mage, of the people who call themselves the Skaal. I was powerful, mortal. Powerful beyond their reckoning. But I strayed. I delved into the black arts, became learned in the ways of necromancy. When this was discovered, I was cast out by my people. Alone, I wandered to this place."
"I have begun to tell you my story, and how I was cast out."
  • was cast out:
"I continued to learn what I could of the ways of the living flesh and the energies that animate. I became a summoner, I communicated with the Daedra. It was then I learned of their machinations, their plans to destroy my people."
"As I said, I was cast out of the Skaal village, and I learned of the plans the Daedra had to destroy my people."
  • destroy my people:
"A group of Frost Daedra had taken up residence deep in the bowels of this island. I thought at first that it was my doing, that I had somehow summoned these fiends. But they were beyond my abilities. I learned that they would wipe this island clean of life, slaughter my people and all we held dear. I knew I must act."
"I realized that is what these Daedra would do, so I realized I must act."
  • must act:
"I tried to warn my people, but I was an empty voice to them, as though I were dead. So I used my magic to erect a barrier deep in this ice, strong enough to contain these Daedra and keep them from overrunning the island. The barrier held; for years I maintained it. But I grew old, and I knew that my death would mean the death of all life on Solstheim."
"As I said, I tried to warn the Skaal, but they would not listen. I erected a barrier to keep the monsters at bay."
  • grew old:
"My life had to be extended, so I used my knowledge of the black arts, and I turned myself into the creature you see before you. A Draugr. Eater of Flesh. But my life was infinite. I could keep the barrier intact so that my people might survive. And now you appear. To kill me, perhaps? You may have the power, but perhaps you have a greater purpose here."
"As I said, I became this draugr. But there is a greater purpose."
  • greater purpose:
"Fight with me, %PCRace. Together we might vanquish these creatures, send them back to their unholy plane. I will lower the barrier, and we will cleanse the land of this scourge."
Let us destroy these creatures together.: "This is wise. I will lower the barrier that keeps the demons at bay. You and I will be victorious, as the lives of all those above are forfeit if we are not."
I am honor-bound to end your life.: "As you wish. My death will only mean the death of these people, the Skaal. Your death means only that I will live on in this hell. You have made a poor choice." Goodbye.
"Yes. Let us now destroy these daedra."