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The following are a list of the materials used in tempering. Most items in this list double up as jewelry materials. Pearls are the only jewelry material not used in tempering. Pyrine, Arentine, and Firebreath Opal are the only tempering materials not used in jewelry. While Brass Ingots are used in tempering, they are classified only as a smithing material.

Name Rarity Buying Price Selling Price Description
Amethyst Amethyst Uncommon 0001185011,850Gold 00000783783Gold Amethyst's beauty and color make it a common adornment in tombs and temples, as well as a much sought-after tempering material.
Arentine Arentine Epic (?)(?)Gold (?)(?)Gold The gem called Arentine is denser and heavier than one would expect, and has the unique property of absorbing all light around it. It is used in high-end weapons and armor tempering.
Atronite Atronite Rare (?)(?)Gold 000059505,950Gold A mysterious stone literally from another universe - the plane of Oblivion - Atronite is often left behind when an Atronach is defeated or dispelled. It is used in the tempering of high-end weapons and armor.
Diamond Diamond Rare (?)(?)Gold 000039673,967Gold Unlike many gems prized for their color, a Diamond is often judged primarily on its clarity and brilliance, and the difficulty involved in cutting one raises its value even more.
Emerald Emerald Rare 0004005040,050Gold 000026442,644Gold An Emerald is extremely rare and valuable, and - because many believe the gem possesses innate magical properties - often used in jewelry.
Faerite Faerite Rare (?)(?)Gold 000089278,927Gold The origins of Faerite are a mystery, but it has been noted to appear in locations where great feats of magic once occurred. It is used as an advanced tempering material.
Firebreath Opal Firebreath Opal Epic 00000425425Sigils (?)(?)Gold The stone known as Firebreath Opal, used in advanced tempering of weapons and armor, looks to be burning white-hot but is actually cool to the touch.
Garnet Garnet Uncommon (?)(?)Gold 00000552552Gold Common amongst Tamrielic nobility, jewelry crafted using a Garnet stone is more reasonably priced than some alternatives.
Pyrine Pyrine Epic (?)(?)Gold (?)(?)Gold Few know the true origin of Pyrine, a gold-colored gem of great power, but all can appreciate its remarkable tempering properties.
Ruby Ruby Uncommon 0001780017,800Gold 000011751,175Gold Rubies can be found in mines and shops across Tamriel, but the foolish sometimes leave them as offerings on Daedric altars. The gemstone is often used in the tempering of weapons and armor.
Sapphire Sapphire Rare 0002670026,700Gold 000017631,763Gold Elegant, impressive, and valuable perfectly describes this magnificent Sapphire, which is also used for advanced tempering.
Topaz Topaz Uncommon (?)(?)Gold 00000347347Gold While it has no uses in enchanting or alchemy, Topaz is a beautiful stone that is often used to decorate jewelry.