Blades:Spirit of the Hunt (quest)

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Event Quest
BL-icon-questmap-Portal Inactive.png
Take part in the Great Hunt.
UnavailableUnavailableTime (refresh)
Rarity: Legendary
Location(s): Forest
Reward(s): 0LeveledLeveledSigils, 0LeveledLeveledGems (Every stage, increasing per stage)
Stage 5 Bonus Reward: 0LeveledLeveledLumber
XP: 700 (Every stage)
ID: EQ30
BL-icon-Secret.png Secret Areas: 1
Spirit of the Hunt
An ancient call comes through the portal, beckoning all that hear it to join the Great hunt [sic]. Who will be the hunter, who their prey? Each foe will be more resistant to damage than the last, and their attacks will inflict both poison and shock damage.
BL-icon-Poison Armor.pngWear armor that provides poison resistance
BL-icon-Shock Armor.pngWear armor that provides shock resistance
BL-icon-Potion.pngDrink elemental resistance potions


  1. Defeat the Wintry Widow
  2. Defeat Aenoxia Venomblood
  3. Defeat the Beast
  4. Defeat the Night Ranger
  5. Defeat Hircine's Apostle


Before you begin, be aware that the enemies within will primarily deal shock and poison damage, but be prepared for a frostbite attack also. The enemies within have no weaknesses nor immunities and resist elemental damage, but you can wield whatever weapons and skills you choose.

You'll begin the quest in a forested area. Head forward along the path, bearing left when it branches. The path opens into a clearing in which you'll face the Wintry Widow, a Wispmother. Continue around the clearing, in which you may find breakables and food. Continue down the path until you reach another clearing; in it you will face Aenoxia Venomblood, a Spriggan. Behind and to her right you will see a trigger for the secret area behind her, concealed by a hut. Proceed down the path until you reach a Golden Chest. The secret area contains no enemies; there is no reason not to enter it.

Continue rightwards from the secret area down the path; the next area contains the Beast, a bear, as well as some small breakables. Head down the path, keeping an eye out for food and breakables of up to medium size, until you reach the Night Ranger. Once you dispatch the Ranger, continue until you reach Hircine's Apostle, whose defeat will conclude the quest.