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Released on July 30, 2019.

A new update is now available for The Elder Scrolls: Blades featuring several new additions to enhance your gameplay experience and some fixes. Check out the full list to see the latest features and adjustments.

Patch Highlights[edit]

New Enemies: Come face-to-face with some formidable new foes! Atronachs make their debut in Blades with this update.
New Challenges: Challenges have been added including Uncommon, Rare, Epic, and Legendary ones.
New Option: "Hide Helmet": If you've been wanting to share your stunning good looks, now you can. The option to "Hide Helmet" has been added in the Character Menu.
New Enemy Weakness Icons: Update 1.2 adds weakness icons for enemies so that you can best prepare your combat strategy.
NPC Voice Over Improvements: Lip Sync All-new lip sync has been added to our vocal NPCs to bring them to life even more.
Adjustments to Arena Battle Job Opponents: You may notice a more challenging opponent in the Arena Battle jobs. We've made them tougher and diversified how they fight.

New Features and Improvements[edit]


  • Dragons: Updated some dragon combat animations.
  • NPCs: Lip sync has been added to NPC voiceovers.

Armor, Weapons, and Items[edit]

  • Armor: Updated the Hide Shield's tempering costs, which were inconsistent with other Hide items.
  • Decoration: Upgraded the rarity of the Golden Stallion decoration to Legendary.
  • Jewelry: Added the "Mystery" prefix to jewelry for sale to indicate that the item's grade is unknown until purchased.
  • Mehrunes' Razor: Humans, mer, and beastfolk can now be killed instantly by the Mehrunes' Razor artifact.
  • Weapons: Damage and damage per second (DPS) icons now indicate its damage type.
  • Weapons: Adjusted the sizes of the Iron and Silver Light Hammers.


  • SFX: A new audio cue plays when a Challenge is received.
  • VO: Increased the volume of Shulkunaak's voiceovers.
  • VO: Added a ghost effect to Valentis' voiceovers.

Creatures and Enemies[edit]

  • Atronachs: Flame, Frost, and Storm Atronachs have been added to the game.
  • Dev Note: Players over level 20 will start seeing them in jobs.
  • Dev Note: Potent Atronachs and above all have a storm armor spell. While active, an Atronach's Health regenerates, and its spells cannot be interrupted. Destroy the armor as quickly as possible!
  • ADDED August 2, 2019: Atronite is now a rare drop from all high-level Atronachs (Fire, Frost, Storm).
  • Arena Battle Job: Opponents in Arena Battle jobs have been toughened up and provided with more diversity in fighting styles.
  • Creatures: New higher-leveled Wights, Skeletons, Spriggans, Trolls, Wispmothers, and Wisps have been added.


  • Abyss: Gold and XP are no longer awarded for completing an Abyss floor without killing an enemy there.
  • Equipment: Players can now change equipment anytime during combat, except while using an Ability.

Design and Gameplay[edit]

  • Abyss: Adjusted a path that would allow players to avoid Abyss dragons in Stone Keep rooms.

Characters: Wanum no longer calls Argonian players "dryskin."

  • NPCs: Reduced the size of female NPCs' hands.
  • Rewards: Level up rewards are now available at every level, and pre-existing rewards and offers have been updated.

Quests, Events, and Challenges[edit]

  • Challenges: Added new Challenges including Uncommon, Rare, Epic, and Legendary Challenges. These Challenges have Gem rewards.

Lumber Run: Updated the tutorial on enemy weaknesses.

  • Meet the Old Blademaster: Henrik now offers blocking, critical hit, and combo tutorials.
  • Dev Note: No damage is done during these training sessions, and end when you decide to quit. They can also be used to practice spells, abilities, and more.

Spells, Abilities, and Enchantments[edit]

  • Enchantments: Stopped damage conversion enchantments from appearing on items enchanted at the Enchanter's Tower.
  • Dev Note: Existing items are unaffected.
  • Enchantments: Updated the Absorb Health, Magicka, and Stamina enchantments to standardize how they apply to non-weapon damage sources like Spells.

User Interface (UI)[edit]

  • Controls: Added settings to fully configure controls in landscape and portrait modes independently.
  • Controls: Adjusted Swipe motions to prioritize looking around instead of selecting interactive icons in Town.
  • Controls: The Back button now opens the Side Menu whenever possible (Android only).
  • Display: While in combat, enemies will now display their weaknesses underneath their Health Bar.
  • Display: An elemental damage icon now appears next to the "RESIST" message to convey the resisted elemental type.
  • Display: Added a warning when equipping a skill that cannot currently be used.
  • Icon: Updated the Matching Set perk icon.
  • Display: Added a login button to the initial Thalmor battle.
  • Pop-Up: Tips will now appear upon death on how to defeat the enemy that caused the player's death.
  • Settings: Added the option to "Hide Helmet" in the Character Menu.
  • Note: Select this option by tapping the helmet icon in the top right corner of the Character Menu. Once this option is selected, your helmet will not display anywhere, including the Main Menu.
  • Settings: Filtering options have been added to the Miscellaneous tab in the Character Inventory.
  • Settings: Added Health, Magicka, and Stamina bars to the inventory's potions list to preview the effect of restoration potions.
  • Tutorial: Added a tutorial on enemy elemental resistances.
  • Tutorial: A new tutorial on reviving has been added.
  • Dev Note: All players should see this tutorial upon first death. Viewing this tutorial will provide players with afree Scroll of Revival.

Bug Fixes[edit]

Armor, Weapons, and Items[edit]

  • Jewelry: Fixed a bug that allowed for jewelry without any bonus ranks.
  • Jewelry: Fixed a bug that let players preview a ring or necklace's grade while it was still being crafted.

Art and Graphics[edit]

  • Graphics: Fixed a visual issue on the player's Health bar that incorrectly marked an area as queued healing while out of combat.
  • Graphics: Fixed a bug that displayed the Health Potion icon regardless of the player's Health if maximum Health was reduced to a critical state.


  • VO: Fixed various bugs that caused overlapping voiceovers, repeated voiceovers, and voiceovers heard from too far way.

Design and Gameplay[edit]

  • Jobs: Fixed a bug that prevented high-level players from getting high-level jobs.
  • NPCs: Fixed a bug that stopped Theodor Gorlash from offering character customization.
  • NPCs: Fixed a bug that stopped game progression while speaking to Constantia.

Spells, Abilities, and Enchantments[edit]

  • Enchantments: Fixed a bug that triggered a shield's damage enchantment during a Shield Bash even if the ability's damage was fully avoided.
  • Enchantments: Fixed a bug by which damage conversion enchantments were not considered in the Stats Menu.

User Interface (UI)[edit]

  • Pop-Ups: Fixed a visual issue on the quest and job rewards pop-up that greatly misrepresented how much the awarded XP would fill the player's XP bar.
  • Settings: Fixed a bug that stopped the Restore button in the Settings Menu from affecting the personal data usage and Clairvoyance options.