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Home Town Town
Race Redguard
Gender Female

Noura is a Redguard warrior who is in charge of the local arena.

Related Quests[edit]

Quest-Related Events[edit]

The Lair of the Sorcerer-King[edit]

"Hello, Warrior. Did you have something to ask me?"
I'm interested in undead sightings...
"Ah, sorry, can't help you there." or "Undead? In gladiatorial combat? That would scare away all our customers!"

A Snake in the Grass[edit]

"Ah, Warrior. What can I do for you?"
Notcied anyone acting suspicious lately?
"Strange you should ask that. I just saw the priest, Guthrum, storm out of town. Apparently he was headed for the ruins to the North, which sounds dangerous given that undead creatures have overrun the area."

Tournament: Practice with Noura[edit]

"Good morrow, Warrior! I have something that might interest you."
I'm listening.
Not interested.
"But... you don’t even know what it is! Come on, hear me out at least..."
All right.

Both will lead to:

"My partners and I are setting up an invitational tournament to showcase the best fighters in Tamriel. This will be separate from official ranked fighting and will not affect combatants' official standings. The point is to give a good show and rekindle interest in our trade. Many famed combatants have already agreed to participate. Naturally, the tournament will also be open to skilled amateurs. I've put your name on the list for the qualifying trials.
So, what do you say, <PlayerName> Are you in?"
Sure, why not?
I need some practice first.
"Okay, we can do that if you think you need it. Let's head to the Old Arena and see what you're made of."
I think I'll pass.
"That's disappointing. I was hoping you'd be one of our champions."

If spoken to again if you said you needed to practice:

"I'll let you know when we're ready for the qualifying round."

When in the arena with her:

"Fighting combatants in the arena isnt quite like fighting goblins or skeletons. Your opponents are more skilled and resourceful. You'll need to analyze their fighting style."
Got it.
"What type of combatant would you like to learn more about?"
"Most of your opponents will fall in this category. They will have weapons and shields in addition to strong armor. These combatants don't cast spells. They will instead rely on blocking and dodging for protection. They can be vulnerable to Power Attacks and offensive spells."
"These fighters typically use versatile weapons with both hands, foregoing the use of a shield. This sacrifices some defense to increase damage, so they will usually have a few defensive spells to compensate. They will also use dodging and Power Attacks in order to keep you on your toes. Use their tactics against them if you can."
"Some fighters will use both weapons and magic in combat. The combination can be deadly. Cast the Resist Elements spell at the beginning of combat if you know it. Learn it if you don't. Weapons that reduce Magicka, or that do shock damage, can help prevent them from using their spells."
Heavy Fighters.
"These combatants favor heavy two-handed weapons. No shield, no spells, just massive amounts of damage. You need to survive their Power Attacks long enough to wear them down. Dodging and defensive spells are a must against these fearsome opponents."
Enough talk. Let's fight.
"Okay, show me what you can do."

Once you defeat her:

"All right, that's enough. You're definitely ready, at least for the first few rounds. Let's head back to town."

When you both return to town:

"I must say, some of your techniques exceeded my expectations! You'll make a fine combatant. I'll let you know when we're ready for the qualifying round."

Tournament Trials: Connelain of the Reach[edit]

"Hello, <PlayerName>! We're finally ready to begin the qualifying trials. Are you as excited as I am?"
"Wonderful! I knew you'd like it."
Probably Not.
"Be sure to save some of that fire for the actual tournament, Warrior..."

Both lead to:

"Your first bout will be against a young warrior from the Reach named Connelain.
I believe you two have fought before, isn't that right?"
"Yes, we have."
"Well then, you already know what to expect. Have a good fight!"

If spoken to again:

"Remember, the point isn't just to defeat your opponent, but to demonstrate you can put on a good show."

After defeating Connelain:

"Well, that was brutal... Good job! There are three more fights in the qualifying trials, so stay sharp. I'll let you know as soon as the next one is ready."

Tournament Trials: Najeepa Swims-in-Blood[edit]

"Hello warrior. The next combatant is ready for you! Her name is Najeepa, and she insisted that we put her up against the best fighter we had. Sounds like she has something to prove..."

If spoken to again:

"Your opponent Najeepa is ready. Have a good fight!"

If spoken to again in the arena after defeating Najeepa:

"Are you all right? You took some heavy blows...
Let's head back to town."

Once you return to town:

"So, I just talked with Najeepa, and she wanted me to thank you... for defeating her? Maybe you hit her on the head a bit too hard..."
She knows the value of failure.
"I guess so!"
"In any case, this means only two more fights to qualify for the tournament! I'll let you know when the next qualifying fight is ready as soon as I can."

Exhibition Fight: Wolves[edit]

"Glad to see you, Warrior. I've got some good news! We've convinced a number of high-profile combatants to take part in the next rounds. This includes the current grand champion of the Imperial Arena, Martius Silius! He arrived a few moments ago, along with his team of combatants. Due to his status, he'll only join during round five, but in the meantime, you'll be able to go up against some of his mates."
When do we start?
"Before any of that, we have set up a special exhibition fight against wild beasts. Crowds tend to enjoy these a lot. I guess people like to see warriors slay dangerous animals and monsters. It makes them feel safer in these troubled times. Also, it's a nice change of pace for everyone."
What kind of beasts?
"We have a pack of ravenous dire wolves to kick off round one. Are you up for it?"
"Splendid! I'm sure you'll give a good show."
Seems like a waste of time.
"You're missing the point. It'll bring more people to the arena, which is what we want."

If spoken to again:

"Better get ready, you don't want those wolves to be *too* hungry, right?"

Once you return to town:

"What can I say, Warrior? The crowd loves you! My only suggestion would be to make these exhibition fights against animals last a bit longer... It all went by a little too fast. I guess dire wolves are a bit too easy for you... we'll try something fiercer next time. Go get some rest now. I'll send for you when we're ready for your first fight."

Tournament: Garzul gro-Durgoth[edit]

"Ready for the next fight, <PlayerName>?"
"Garzul gro-Durgoth, a heavy fighter who favors the warhammer. Have you fought him before?"
I haven't.
I have. He's good.
"He’s also highly motivated to fight you. Seems he claims *he* should be the queen's champion, not you."
Does he, now?
"I wouldn't worry about that too much. The Queen likes you. Stay alert, and you should be fine. You're a better fighter than him."
Maybe he’s right.
"Don't worry, I'm pretty sure you're more the Queen's type."
Doesn't matter.
"All right, I'll take your word for it."

Once you return:

"I must say, I was a bit worried for you there. Garzul is a formidable fighter."
Well, he lost.
"That he did. We'll see how you fare against the next opponent. Once we know who it is, that is."
He has heart.
"Yes, I agree. Too bad his head is so far up his... well, you know."
Who's next?
"I don't know yet. Either Volusianus Didius, one of Martius Silius' teammates, or a Bosmer named Aragoth."

Tournament: Aragoth[edit]

"I just came back from the fight between Volusianus and Aragoth. Looks like the Bosmer won... barely. We offered to postpone the next fight so he'd have time to heal, but he says he's fine. I assume you're ready as well?"
I am.
"Okay, let's head out to the Arena then!"

Once you return:

"That fight was a bit one-sided. You can't expect the next ones to go that quickly."
I know.
"Good. I'll let you know when your next opponent is ready."
Just watch me.
"Oh, I will... Come back a bit later, I'll have more information about your next fight."

Tournament: Severa Calvina[edit]

"Ah, there you are! You're up for the next fight, this time against a woman called Severa Calvina."

If you have fought her before:

I know her.
"Yes, she spoke rather highly of you. She knows a lot of arena fighters, too, so it's not empty praise. Come, let's get you ready for the fight."

If you haven't fought her before:

Is she with Martius Silius?
"No, she's not affiliated with anyone. Her father was a famous combatant, however, so she knows her way around the arena. She may not look dangerous, but don't be fooled. She's more experienced than most gladiators you've fought so far."

Once you return:

"<PlayerName>... congratulations on your win."
Did you enjoy the fight?
"It was a bit hard to watch, to be honest..."
How come?
"I didn't want to tell you this before, but Severa is a good friend of mine. I was torn between the two of you... but in the end, you were the better fighter. You deserved to win. I'm going to go see her now... I'll let you know who you'll be facing in the round one finals as soon as I know."

Tournament - Round 1 Finals[edit]

"We're setting up for the round one finals. I hope you're ready!"
"The last qualifying match was cut short when one of the opponents declared forfeit."
Really? Why?
"I guess they were too scared to fight Wanum. He is a bit... intimidating, to say the least."
Wanum is participating?
"You didn't know? Well... this is awkward. Will that be a problem?"
It's fine.
"Good. Remember, this is a friendly competition, nothing more."
I am. Who's my opponent?
"You mean you don't know? I guess you haven't been watching the fights..."
I've had other things to do.
"I understand. You'll be fighting Wanum."
The Queen's Wanum?
"Indeed. He is by far the strongest competitor we've had yet. Have you two fought before?"
Not yet, no.
"Well, now's the time. Better go get prepared!"

Once you return from the fight:

"What a fight! I hope Wanum will be okay..."
He'll be fine.
"Yeah, he does seem pretty tough. Some of the blows you landed might have killed a weaker opponent."
What's next?
"Well, the good news is that this first round was very successful. That means we will continue the tournament in the next venue, Dragonwood Arena. We'll have to wait a bit, though. One of the fighters from Martius Silius' team has gone missing."
Which one?
"Volusianus Didius. He disappeared soon after his defeat against Aragoth. No one has seen him since. Silius has asked that we wait until we find him before continuing, else he and his fighters will go home."
Does it matter?
"Silius has asked that we wait until we find him before continuing, else he and his fighters will go home."

Either will lead to:

So what?
"You don't understand. Famous combatants like Silius or Angarion the Bold draw big audiences. I don't think we can continue if Silius and his team pull out of the tournament. Don't worry, I'm sure Volusianus will turn up. He probably got drunk after losing and passed out in a ditch somewhere. I'll keep you informed as soon as I know more."


The first time you speak to her:

"Hey, aren't you the town champion? I've heard a lot about you.
<PlayerName>, right?"
You got me.
"Rumor holds you're quite the warrior. Is this true?"
And you are?
"Right, where are my manners... I'm Noura, nice to meet you."


"I organize gladiatorial games with a group of former arena fighters. We're looking to gauge interest in our trade by holding an event in the old arena outside of town. Is that something that would interest you?"
Sure, how do I sign up?
"Ah, excellent! It's very simple, here, let me show you."
What's in it for me?
"Fame, glory, the reward... For some, it's simply the satisfaction of knowing they're the best. We make a point of treating our fighters well. You don't have to commit to anything."


Speaking to her again:

"Can I help you with anything else?"
Where are you form?
"I'm from Sentinel, though I haven't been there in years. I've spent most of my life in the arenas of Cyrodiil."
Are you a former fighter?
"Of course! This armor isn't just for show, you know? I have a record of thirteen victories and a single draw."
Were you here during the town fire?
"No, I wasn't. Looks like you're doing a fine job getting this place back on its feet, though."
Does the Bloodfall Queen know about this?
"Actually, she strongly believes the contests might help the local economy by attracting more people to the gladiatorial games. Come to think of it, when we spoke, I got the impression she was interested in participating. Perhaps I was imagining things."

Her goodbyes:

"Tell everyone to come to the arena, all right?"
"Until we meet again."
"Good luck out there, <PlayerName>."
"Stay sharp, warrior."
"I'll see you around, Warrior."
"I'll see you in the arena, champion!"
"For glory!"