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(lore page)
Race Wight
Gender Male

Haeliaran is an undead Ayleid warlord from the First Era. He is the evil in the ancient Ayleid temple that was uncovered by the Fellhorn Raiders, a band of pirates who settled in a subterranean grotto. After uncovering the temple entrance, the pirates were turned into skeletons by Haeliaran. The pirate cave was subsequently rediscovered by miners, who became confused by Haeliaran's magic and were attacked by the pirate skeletons.

Upon arriving at the mine camp during the related quest, you will be tasked with venturing down into the cave in search of the missing miners. This will eventually lead you to Haeliaran's tomb, where he will burst from his stone sarcophagus and confront you in battle. Defeating him will complete the quest, and you will be rewarded with the Haeliaran's Tomb decoration.

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