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The player may create a character at the start of the game and recreate their character later on by giving Theodore Gorlash fifty gems.

Race and Body Type[edit]

Character creation menu

First, the player can choose their race and body type. This is done by selecting the appropriate symbol for a male or female character. Race selection is done by clicking the arrows either side of the race selection box.


In the customisation section, the player can customise their characters physical appearance. This can be randomised by selecting the random button. First, the player can select body height and size, then skin colour.

Next, the player can select face shape, hairstyle and hair colour.

Then the player can select eye type, eye colour and nose type.

The player can next select mouth type.

Finally, the player can add face markings and select their colour.


Finally, the player can select a name for their character. This, however, cannot be changed later using Theodore Gorlash's services.