Blades:(Place): The Missing Townsfolk

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Rescue the townsfolk and defeat the boss.
Quest Giver: Job Board
Location(s): Dynamic
Reward(s): eveled]]LeveledGold, ards|4]]4Gems, or rds|12]]12Gems
1 Random Gear or 1-3 Random Soul Gems and Jewels
XP: Leveled XP
Suggested Level: Leveled
BL-icon-Secret.png Secret Areas: Dynamic
Rescue a group of villagers being held captive. Make sure to take out the captors' leader as well, to send a clear message that the citizens of (Town) are not to be harmed!

Quick Walkthrough[edit]

  1. Rescue the townsfolk.
  2. Defeat the boss.

Detailed Walkthrough[edit]

Once you have started the Job, you will be transported to a different location. Explore the area to locate and free the two trapped townsfolk. There will be enemies that will attack you as you navigate the area. The boss will remain stationed somewhere within the location. Find and defeat it. Clairvoyance will lead you to each of the closest townsfolk before leading you to the boss, but you can complete the objectives in any order. Upon completing both objectives, you will receive your Gold or Gem Rewards and XP. You may choose to return to Town or continue to Explore to find any remaining secrets, enemies, and loot.

Possible Locations[edit]

Ayleid Ruins

Elanwe's Grave • The Forgotten Halls • The Halls of the Ancients • The Haunted Ruins • The House of Morilatta • The Lost Tomb • The Old Crypt • The Ruins of Abadabala • The Ruins of Varlasel • The Tomb of Ostarand • Valasha's Maze • Varondil's Crypt


Barnaby's Pit • Dreadmare Cavern • Geirlund's Grotto • Graymoor Caves • Misty Hollows • Monbriant Caverns • Raven's Hollow • Tharifa's Den • The Glistening Chasm • The Wasting Cave • The Whispering Cavern • Tullius' Chasm


Anvil Keep • Fort Ghashnag • Fort Grimwell • Gilbrod Keep • Hampstead Fort • Margrave Hall • Mogdul's Palace • Murien Castle • Redmane Castle • Skyborn Hold • The Old Citadel • Windkeep Castle


Bloodfall Woods • Fairwater Grove • Greenheart Woods • North Woods • Porcupine Grove • Redmont Forest • Ridgewood • Rockwell • Shady Grove • Tiny Oak Grove • Woodhaven Forest • Wormwood

Possible Rewards[edit]

The Normal variant of this Job will award mount ofa leveled amount of Gold. The Daily variant will award 000000044Gems and the Weekly variant will award 0000001212Gems.

The boss will drop 1 Uncommon or better Gear or 1-3 Soul Gems and Jewels on the Normal variant of this Job. The Daily and Weekly variants' boss drops 1 Rare or better Gear.