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Captain Olmstead Reyn
(RefID: xx0123BF)
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Location Dawn's Venture, anchored at Dawnstar port
Race Breton Gender Male
Level 27 Class Citizen
RefID xx0123BF BaseID xx0123BE
Other Information
Health 266 Magicka 137
Faction(s) BSMFaction; CrimeFactionPale
Captain Olmstead Reyn

Captain Olmstead Reyn, a Breton citizen, is the captain of the Dawn's Venture. He wears fine clothes and a pair of fine boots and carries a Khajiiti iron sabre, a copy of the key for the ship interior and a random amount of loot.

Olmstead follows a similar routine to his fellows crewmates, starting his day early at 6 am, working outside in the deck with Atla for 14 hours. At 8 pm he head down to the cabin for a 2 hour meal and interaction with Cardana and the crew and at 10 pm, he goes to the trapdoor for to sleep. If approached he has a few lines to say something like "Here to shop? Cardana's the one to see.", "She's a fine ship, but she's no Celestine.", "Watch your step, she's rolling today." and "Captain Olmstead, of the Dawn's Venture. Formerly of the Celestine."

Should you start dialogue with him, the player can ask if he is the captain of the ship, to which he confirms but states this enterprise: "That I am, that's why I call myself Captain Olmstead. Though, I will say, I'm not the owner. That would be Cardana. I steer her safely from place to place, wherever she means to go. No ship has ever been lost under my command, and that's more than I can say for some." You can ask about the ship called Celestine that you can hear him muttering about. He will describe his demise: "Ah, that was a real tragedy. Her owner was a damn fool. Well, he meant well, but he went about it in a damn fool way. He planned to put me out to pasture, it was his way of taking care of me for all my years of service. Never mind whether I was ready to go! He needed a younger, steadier hand at the wheel, so he said, and he certainly got the first. The young upstart ran poor Celestine across the Caladien Fangs and sank her straight to the bottom. On a clear day, you can still see her down there. Oh, but she was a beautiful ship. Still is, for that matter. Maybe one day I'll find a wizard who can bring her back up for me."


The captain has a number of rumors should you ask about what he knows of the other provinces of Tamriel. Although in a not necessarily direct way.


Topic Dialogue
"Tell me about your travels abroad." "Any place in particular to narrow it down?"
"Tell me something about High Rock." "The ships of High Rock tend to be proportioned differently to the ones you'll see down south. They're shorter. I've even heard them called stumpy. But they're deeper below the water. They have to be. The north seas are fearsome and as cold as death."
"Anything else?" "That was the main thing I noticed. But her ships, they had their own kind of beauty. They're low and sleek, and when the wind treats them right, they practically fly. They had interesting names too. Mazdi, dolphin for the little ones, and if you hear that an Ala-Rahoon is coming, watch out."
"...right." "Mhm."
"What about High Rock in general?" "I couldn't tell you. I've barely been there. I never stay long on land, and never out of sight of the water. Well, except when I've been indoors, I suppose. What about you, are you for the land or sea?
if player pick "The land, definitely." "Ha. More sea for me, then."
if player opt for "The sea." "Indeed? Come join us on the Venture, some time."
if instead the player select "I'm not sure I could choose." "Well, I'm sure you've got time to decide. They'll both still be there, after all."
"What about Cyrodiil?" "Only fools sail the Panther River. Treacherous rocks at the mouth, and past that, nothing but flies, mud, and jungle."
"The East Empire Company makes sailing up the Niben a nightmare. A friend of mine is moored at Water's Edge, trying to sort out what he owes them, but they keep piling on additional penalties every day."
"Captain's advice. If you're looking for a place to stay, the inns get nicer the further you get from the port."
"What are your thoughts on Hammerfell?" "It's too hot."
"Have you ever visited Morrowind?" "I made a run up to Solstheim a few years go. It was a damned eerie day. The sea was still as glass, and that great smouldering mountain had dropped a carpet of ash all over it. We glided through it, and the only way you could tell we were moving at all was by the dark wake we left behind."
"The view of Vvardenfell from the Inner Sea is hauntingly beautiful. Sad, but beautiful all the same."
"We once tried to stop to trade in Port Telvannis, but the paperwork to even enter cost ten times what we stood to gain."
"Do you know anything about Black Marsh?" "I don't want to talk about it."
"Tell me about other places you've been." "There's the island of Herne. The people there once had an oath to never leave. That they've since been relieved of. Still, plenty remain."
"I used to sail with a lass from Jungvald. Contested territory, that. Well, all of Jehanna is contested, to be honest. The disagreements come down to the smallest detail, like whether you call Fenrald a king or a jarl. It's not for me, that's for sure."
"I've heard enough." "Suit yourself."


Olmstead has some scene encounters with Atla and Cardana Pallo:

Cardana Pallo: "Are you ever going to tell me what happened in Black Marsh?"
Olmstead Reyn: "I don't think so, no."
Cardana Pallo: "Maybe I'll ask Atla."
Olmstead Reyn: "Go right ahead."

Olmstead Reyn: "She's a fine ship, and all, but -"
Cardana Pallo: "She's no Celestine."
Olmstead Reyn: "Yes, quite."

Olmstead Reyn: "Did I ever tell you about the time I was hired to take a man from Daggerfall to Dawnstar?"
Cardana Pallo: "Yes, I remember."
Olmstead Reyn: "He paid up front, and that was fine by me. But two weeks into the voyage, he starts getting a little worried about how long it was taking. Turns out, he wanted to go to Dragonstar the whole time. Can you believe that?"
Cardana Pallo: "You don't say..."
Olmstead Reyn: "That's why I get them to show me, now, on a map, where they mean to get to."

Olmstead Reyn: "What is it, again? Antuku tei thlateel?"
Atla Ka-Ilaqu: ""Thtaleeln antuko," is what I say to dry-skin strangers. You are thtaleel, non-Argonian. To me, you may say "Tein antuko," it is enough.
Olmstead Reyn: "Antuko tei, then."
Atla Ka-Ilaqu: "(sigh)"


  • Olmstead is voiced by Captainstoo.
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