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This page summarizes items in Battlespire, including weapons and armor.


This section summarizes all base weapons found in Battlespire. See the material modifiers at the bottom of the page to see how damage varies depending on what a weapon is made of. Unlike other games of TES series, no creatures require weapons of a certain material to be harmed; iron is sufficient to harm any opponent.

Type Base Damage Weight (kg) Skill
Dagger 2-6 1 Short Blade
Short Sword 2-8 3 Short Blade
Broad Sword 4-12 8 Long Blade
Long Sword 4-10 5 Long Blade
Claymore 8-16 12 Long Blade
Spear 4-10 5 Long Blade
Battle Axe 6-10 9 Axe
War Axe 6-14 11 Axe
Mace 4-10 7 Blunt Weapon
Staff 2-8 4 Blunt Weapon
Short Bow 2-8 2 Missile
Long Bow 6-14 4 Missile
Crossbow 4-10 5 Missile
Javelin 4-10 4 Missile


Arrows are needed to operate any type of ranged weapon. An arrow may add or remove an additional attack bonus to the weapon's own penetrating power, depending on the material the arrow is crafted from. Take a look at the material modifier section at the bottom of the page for further information.


Battlespire features three type of armor classes: light, medium, and heavy.

The material an armor piece is made of defines whether it is a light, medium, or heavy armor. Most classes have armor restrictions, thus one gets a message on equipping an armor type one is not allowed to wear. The armor type influences its durability and the protection it grants to its wearer.

The following armor pieces can be found:

Type Weight (kg)
Boot 3
Cuirass 7
Gauntlet 2
Greaves 2
Helmet 2
Pauldron 5
Sandal 3


There are many articles of clothing throughout Battlespire. Any article may be enchanted from the same pool as armor. Clothing always has a weight of 3.

Type Female-Only
Arm Bands N
Blouse Y
Cape N
Pants N
Shirt N
Skirt Y
Thongs Y
Tunic N

Material Modifiers[edit]

This table shows the modifications a certain material causes to a weapon's base damage and type of armor an armor piece crafted from this material belongs to.

Material To Hit Damage Armor Type
Iron -1 Light
Steel 0 Light
Silver +1 Light
Elven +2 Medium
Dwarven +3 Medium
Mithril +4 Medium
Adamantium +5 Medium
Ebony +6 Heavy
Orcish +7 Heavy
Daedric +8 Heavy

Miscellaneous Items[edit]

Various items found in the world. The containers may be picked up and carried, as well as used for sorted storage. Rarely, a scroll may hold a spell for the player to learn.

Type Weight (kg)
Large Chest 8
Sack 2
Scroll 0.5
Small Chest 5


Potions are one-use consumables, unless placed into a Coffer of Restoration. Some effects are potion-only; they may not be cast by player spells.

Type Potion-Only Effect
Cure Health N
Cure Poison N
Detect Invisibility N
Etherealness N
Invisibility N
Jumping N
Poison N
Restoration Y
Running Y
Shield N
Slow Fall N
Spell Absorption N
Spell Reflection N
Spell Resistance N
Teleport N
Vampiric Drain N

Special Items[edit]

Type Weight (kg) Usage
Coffer of Restoration 5 Once Only: Place any item inside to fully repair. Consumables gain 10 uses.
Sigil Amulet [x] Sigil 2 Consumable: Become ethereal for a short time. May not take or deal damage.
Sigil Amulet [x] Sigil of Entry 2 Allows the player to pass matching Sigil Wards unharmed.