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Map of Tamriel[edit]

A fan-made compilation of the provincial maps, showing all major cities and other major locations.

Map of Cyrodiil compiled from all provincial maps

In-game Maps[edit]

In the maps below, provinces link to maps of that province. Cities, towns, and villages link to the page on that settlement, when pages exist.


High Rock Skyrim Morrowind Hammerfell Imperial Province Summurset Isle Valenwood Elsweyr Black MarshMap of Tamriel
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The scale of this map is 1 px : 20 km.

High Rock[edit]

Settlements in High Rock.

Tamriel Wind Keep Reich Gradkeep Portdun Creek Old Gate Norvulk Hills Kings Guard Glenpoint Eagle Brook Dunlain Falls Black Wastes Jehanna Farrun Evermore Cloud Spring Karthgan Vale Raven Spring Dunkarn Haven Vermeir Wastes Markwasten Moor Thorkan Park Normar Heights White Haven Meir Thorvale Meir Darguard Moonguard Ebon Wastes Ilessen Hills Wayrest North Point Shornhelm Camlorn Daggerfall Skyrim HammerfellMap of High Rock
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Settlements in Skyrim.

Tamriel Morrowind Imperial Province Hammerfell High Rock Windhelm Riften Winterhold Whiterun Dawnstar Falcrenth Snowhawk Solitude Sunguard Riverwood Neugrad Watch Markarth Side Laintar Dale Karthwasten Hall Granitehall Helarchen Creek Dunpar Wall Black Moor Amol Dragon Wood Vernim Wood Reich Corigate Greenwall Pargran Village Nimalten City Stonehills Dunstad Grove Oakwood Dragon Bridge Lainalten Amber Guard North KeepMap of Skyrim
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Settlements in Morrowind.

Tamriel Black Marsh Skyrim Imperial Province Stoneforest Stonefalls Silgrad Tower Old Run Heimlyn Keep Darnim Watch Tear Necrom Mournhold Narsis Ebonheart Firewatch Kragenmoor Blacklight Cormar View Reich Parkeep Verarchen Hall Karththor Dale Riverbridge Oaktown Eagle Moor Old Keep Silnim Dale Corkarth Run Amber Forest Sailen Vulgate Dragon Glade Greenheights Helnim Wall Karththor Heights Glen Haven Markgran ForestMap of Morrowind
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Settlements in Hammerfell.

Tamriel Imperial Province Skyrim High Rock Verkarth City Lainlyn Belkarth Guard Elinhir Rihad Taneth Dragonstar Skaven Gilane Sentinel Hegathe Chasetown Sunkeep Dragon Grove Shadymarch Riverview Vulnim Gate Lainebon Place Thorstad Place Karnver Falls Heldorn Mount Dragon Gate Cliff Keep Nimbel Moor Riverpoint Corten Mont Roseguard Chaseguard Vulkneu Town Stonedale North Hall StonemoorMap of Hammerfell
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Imperial Province[edit]

Settlements in the Imperial Province.

Tamriel Imperial City Hammerfell Skyrim Morrowind Valenwood Elsweyr Black MarshMap of the Imperial Province
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Summurset Isle[edit]

Settlements in Summurset Isle.

Tamriel Wasten Coridale Vulkhel Guard Silsailen Point Alinor Lillandril Cloudrest Shimmerene Sunhold Arena:Dusk Skywatch FirstholdMap of Summurset Isle
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Settlements in Valenwood.

Tamriel Elsweyr Imperial Province Vulkwasten Wood Thormar Keep Stone Fell Moonmont Meadow Run Marbruk Field Longvale Longhaven Karthdar Square Glenpoint Archen Cormount Haven Southpoint Eldenroot Greenheart Woodhearth Silvenar Arenthia FalinestiMap of Valenwood
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Settlements in Elsweyr.

Tamriel Senchal Torval Corinth Alabaster Rimmen Orcrest Riverhold Dune Tenmar Forest Cori Darglade Imperial Province ValenwoodMap of Elsweyr
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Black Marsh[edit]

Settlements in Black Marsh.

Tamriel Tenmar Wall Seaspring Rockspring Rockpark Rockgrove Riverwalk Moonmarch Greenspring Greenglade Glenbridge Alten Corimont Archon Thorn Lilmoth Blackrose Helstrom Stormhold Soulrest Gideon Morrowind Imperial ProvinceMap of Black Marsh
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