15 March 1999             THE ELDER SCROLLS NEWSLETTER                 Issue 4

   The Latest News of The Elder Scrolls Community
   1. Morrowind News
   2. TES WebMaster News
   3. The BattleRealm
   4. Links

Concept art and the usual game rumours are surfacing from time to time on some
of the popular Elder Scrolls web sites.  Some of the more interesting info is
listed below:

  - Morrowind is expected to be released sometime in 2001 (about).
  - The game is set on the island of Vvardenfell in Morrowind, land of Dark Elves.
  - It will be much smaller than Daggerfall, but more detailed.  Consider it a
    combination of Redguard's detail and Daggerfall's size.  
  - While DF had 30,000+ cities, Morrowind will have only about 30 detailed ones,
    not including minor settlements, farms, etc...
  - Everything will be in 3D, as in Redguard.  The game engine will support all
    major 3D cards, not just 3DFX like in Redguard..
  - The NPCs you meet will be more detailed than those in Daggerfall.  Monsters
    will support some degree of conversation as well.
  - Quests will be more involved than those found in Daggerfall.

Note that these are only rumours of the game and may change at any time.  For 
much more information on Morrowind including lots of concept art, check out the
sites in the links section at the bottom of this letter.  Except more art and
other interesting things to appear in the future (we hope).

For those familiar with the excellent The Essential Site (www.m0use.net/~crodo/)
you may have noticed the lack of presence of its founder and webmaster Andel
Crodo for the last several weeks.  He reappeared shortly to post a message 
explaining why and of his temporary retirement from TES.  We all wish Andel the
best and hope to see him back sometime in the future. 

The BattleRealm website run by Lord Ravana has joined us on the m0use server 
with his new address at:


The BattleRealm has been converted into a general RPG news site with several
tips sections.  Update your bookmarks and give him a visit.

As usual, check out the following sites for all the latest Elder Scrolls news,
information, and utilities.

   The Hall of Adventurers (HOA) - www.m0use.net/~skelm/
   The Essential Site (TES) - www.m0use.net/~crodo/
   The BattleRealm - www.m0use.net/~battlerealm
   The Unofficial Elder Scrolls Pages (UESP) - www.m0use.net/~uesp/
   The Official Redguard Site - redguard.elderscrolls.com

Authors for this Issue:
        Dave Humphrey

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