30 November 1998          THE ELDER SCROLLS NEWSLETTER                 Issue 3

The Redguard demo is out...hop over and grab it at Game Center:


The demo is around 36MB in size and you need at least a Pentium-166, 
32MB RAM, 150MB disk space, and a 3Dfx Voodoo-based 3D card to run the game. 
The demo is time-limited to 3 minutes of gameplay but you still can experience
quite a bit of the game.  Interact with up to nine characters, fight and 
speak to soldiers, and use all the features of the complete game (including
save and load).  Only the main land map is present, you may not enter any
buildings, and there is no speech or puzzles.  This should keep those of you
(like myself) waiting to get the game happy for a while.

For more information on Redguard visit:
	The Official Redguard Site -- http://www.redguard.com
	The BattleRealm -- http://www.warzone.com/elderscrolls
	The Unnoficial Elder Scrolls Pages -- http://www.m0use.net/~uesp
	TES: The Essential Site -- http://www.m0use.net/~crodo

         --Dave Humphrey of the TES Newsletter.

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