19 November 1998          THE ELDER SCROLLS NEWSLETTER                 Issue 2

It is official, The Elder Scrolls Adventures, Redguard, has hit mall
retailers across the country.  From what we have heard so far, it is a
spectacular game with beautiful 3DFX, smooth gameplay, good sound and 
music, puzzles, and much much more.  And get this: It is bug-free!  

So if you haven't already, go down to the store and buy this game.  
Make sure to note that this is Not an RPG, but more of an Action/
Adventure game, so don't expect another Daggerfall style game here.

For some info on Redguard, visit:

The Official Redguard Site -- http://www.redguard.com
The BattleRealm -- http://www.warzone.com/elderscrolls
The Unnoficial Elder Scrolls Pages -- http://www.m0use.net/~uesp and
TES: The Essential Site -- http://www.m0use.net/~crodo

Have fun with Redguard!

	 --Lord Ravana of the TES Newsletter.

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