Technical/Game Questions which are Frequently Asked:

1. I have a Cyrix CPU, and the game keeps locking up/crashing.
   Is there a fix?

The problem is fixed in the DAG177 update.

2. I'm having a lot of trouble reading the Automap! Any help?

Here are some tips for using the automap.  You can't annotate
the map per se,  but you can click on a section (it will start
blinking), then click on the gray bar at the bottom and type
stuff in. It's best to use this for passages that split (e.g.
Went West, next time go North).

The map is the key. Everytime you come to an intersection,
check the map.  See where you have been and where you haven't.
Another thing to do is the Left/Right rule. In a maze/dungeon.
Always go in the same direction. Always make a Left/Right turn
and you will either find everything or find your way back to
the exit. When you are lost, drop a piece of inventory (not
gold) at the intersections that you try. This will tell you
- I've been that way, time to try another.

Please note you can right click on a section of the map and it
will vanish - you can  also view it in 2D by clicking the red
square. The Automap feature does take a bit of getting used
to, but once you do, you'll see it the most innovative automap
ever created.

3.When running the install routine I consistently get the
   following error:"dos error: file font0000.fnt not found". What
  does this mean?

The message you are getting is due to the incorrect version of
MSCDEX. You must have MSCDEX v2.23 or higher. Type MSCDEX at
the DOS prompt and the version will be displayed. If you go to
the Bethesda web site ( and select DAGGERFALL
and then tech/patches there will be an MSCDEX button you can
click on which will download the correct version of MSCDEX.
Delete and reinstall the game after you have updated MSCDEX to
the correct version.

4. My save games are corrupted, can I do anything to prevent this?

You should run the game with Write Caching disabled, when
running the game from within Win95.  In order to turn Write
Caching off, you'll need to double Click on "My Computer" and
then again on the Control Panel icon. Once the Control Panel
is up, double click on the System icon, and select the
Performance Tab. Towards the bottom of the Performance Page,
you'll see a File System... icon. Click on this, and then
select the Trouble Shooting Tab. The very last listing is:

Disable write-behind caching for all drives.

Click on the box next to it so a check mark appears.  Then click
on Apply, and re-boot your PC. This will disable the Write
Caching. To enable it, just repeat these steps, clicking on
the check mark box to enable it. Reboot.

If you have a crash with the game, having write caching turned
on, could cause your saved game to be trashed. This is why it
is recommend that it be turned off.

5. The ORACLE quest is broken - skip and try something else.

6. Mynisera's Letters - Sometimes Aubki won't acknowledge the
    return of the letters. Don't worry it is not a big thing and will
    not stop you from winning the game.

7. I am getting a message that the bethesda.inf file cannot be found.

   MEDIUM INSTALL BUG. There is a problem with the medium
   install. Please copy REPORT.EXE from your ARENA2
   subdirectory on the Daggerfall CD to the ARENA2
   subdirectory on your hard drive. Please do this BEFORE
   attempting to run the game. If you have already started the
   game you should see a noticeable improvement in stability.

8. How do you climb ladders?
   Climbing Ladders : To climb a ladder make sure you have the
   grab icon active (F2). then click on the ladder. You will
   go right up.

9. There is currently a problem with REPUTATION in the
   Knightly which will cause your advancement to be very slow.
   The same thing seems to be happening in the DARK


    When I play the game from Win 95 - I run the install from
    a DOS window ( if the auto run is not broken). I have an
    SB AWE32 which is set at 220, Irq5 and Dma1 - high DMA 5.
    When I select sound select SB 16/32 and manually enter the
    values 220, 5 and1. I DO NOT USE DMA 5. For midi I again
    select sb16/awe 32 and take the default Port value the set
    up program uses. I disable write caching in WIN 95. I have
    no autoexec.bat and I have a small CONFIG.SYS which has 2
    lines. The first line is DEVICE=C:\WINDOWS\HIMEM.SYS and
    the second is FILES=99. That's it and it runs fine for me
    under WIN 95 All my other drivers are WIN 95 drivers. If
    you need to load real mode drivers, you should play the
    game from a DOS boot disk.

11. If you have a SB16 - and are experiencing a lot of crashes
    please try selecting SBPRO and see if that helps.

12. If you are running a Promise EIDE card in my machine . It boots by
default in "Turbo mode" . When you override that and set it to "normal
mode", many of your problems will disappear.

The problems which will be solved by this are:.

1. Various causeway crashes
2. blanked screens

12. If you are experiencing sound card troubles - select Sound
    Blaster compatible mode if your sound card supports one.
    There are currently problems with the GUS and Roland Sound

13.MAIN QUEST. It is NOT a bug if a Main quest stays in your
   log book after you have completed it. It will go away when
   the sequel quest is generated. Do NOT worry about.

14- I had Lycanthropy and even after the cure quest my hit points
      are still low.

       When you get Lycanthropy your hit points will drop to 4. To raise
your hit points
you must go out and eat some townspeople. If you raise a level BEFORE
applying Patch 177, your hit point will be permanently set at the level
were at when you leveled. If you had not been eating townspeople to keep
your hit
points up then you will be stuck at a fairly low HP level.

15. I get errors 1002/1004 when I try to load a save game?

Try the FIXSAVE.ZIP in the library. Be sure to follow the directions and
this program is still in beta. HOWEVER it will not fix quests which are
part of
the main quest.

16. I have enchanted an item and my games crashes with an error 1000

If you have enchanted an item with REPAIR ITEM, the game will crash with
an error 1000 when you try to equip or use the item.

17. The following Spells DO NOT WORK!

       Transfer Attribute
        Detect treasure/monster/item/enemy etc.

18. I get stuck in my house and it has no walls.

When you first buy a house, travel to another city or and return BEFORE
your house. This will prevent disappearing walls.


There is a bug with ships which causes an ERROR 2 crash to DOS when you
select them as your travel option by Hitting T/clicking on the Legs and

Some house owners may experience a 2030 everytime they attempt to travel
they own a house.

Both of these bugs will be fixed in the next patch.

20. If you get the WABBAJACK from Sheogorath, the game will crash
when you try to equip or use it.

21. I can't see the monsters - I can hear them and hit them, but can't
see them.

This appears to be a problem caused by using QEMM in stealth mode.
DAGGERFALL does NOT require the use of QEMM and it is better not
to use it all. Once you stop using QEMM your monsters will appear.

22. I get crashes sometimes when buying spells?

When you buy spells, some people experience a crash after highlighting
the spell and then clicking on BUY. This can also cause unpredictable

To correct this problem please DOUBLE-CLICK on the spell you want to

23. Sometimes when asking about  people I get dropped to DOS with a 115

If you have taken the quest for the Cursed Mummy Finger, the game will
crash when you try to ask about People. The problem will go away when
you finish the quest or the time expires. DO NOT TAKE THIS QUEST!

24. What are the lamps and torches for? Can you use them?

You cannot use the lamps and torches. Just sell them at Pawn shops.

25. I contracted Lycanthropy. MY hit point are down to 4 what can I do?

Your hit points will drop to 4 until your go out and kill some
YOU need to morph into human form and then when you are next to a
townperson, morph into Lycanthrope form and kill them. The Lycanthropy
spell will morph you between Lycanthrope and human shape.

26. What other settings should I change to increase my stability in Win

      Shutting down the tool-bar for  MS Office
       Prevent Daggerfall from seeing Windows '95 under the
                       program properties options.
       Finally, run this as a full screen app. under protected mode with
                     exclusive mouse control .

28. What sound cards DO NOT work in the game.

     The Ensonique VIVO will NOT WORK IN DAGGERFALL. It will crash the
29.  I have a GRAVIS card - But it doesn't work.

     You will have to run your GUS in Sound Blaster Compatible mode.

30. What is the best way to configure my DOS system to play Daggerfall?

Since there are so many different systems, this question needs
to be addressed on an individual bases. There are however,
some basics. You'll need some working knowledge of DOS, and
what drivers your system uses. A boot disk is often the best approach.

Here is a typical DOS CONFIG:




SET BLASTER=A220 I5 D1 H1 P300 T6
C:\SB16\SB16SET /P

6. How do I get help?


Technical Support is available at (301) 963-2002, Monday
- Friday, between the hours of 11 a.m. - 6 p.m.


If you need technical help, you need to include information
that will enable the tech to help you better. Be sure to
include the following information whenever you're asking for

Are you running under Win95 or DOS?

How much installed memory do you have on your  machine?

What sound-card do you have?

Using the sound set-up set the game to NO MUSIC/NO SOUND. If
you still have the same problem, let tech support know you've
tried this. If the problem is gone, you have a sound card
problem, and it's important to let them know what type of card
you have, and the setting the card is set at.

Is Write caching turned off in Win 95?

If you are running the game in DOS make sure that you have
version 2.23 of MSCDEX or higher.

How much memory have you installed on your PC?

What size install did you do?

How much free space on your hard drive do you have?

And if possible, post a copy of your config.sys and autoexec.bat.

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