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Welcome to the World of Tamriel on the Unofficial Elder Scrolls Pages. This site is devoted to presenting various aspects of the world of Tamriel as found in the Elder Scrolls game series created by Bethesda. Throughout the games of Arena, Daggerfall, Battlespire, Redguard and soon to be Morrowind, the history and geography of Tamriel has been constantly evolving to the point where it is easy to forget names and places of importance. On these pages you can find where cities and provinces are located, the history of the world sorted by data as well as prominent figures of the past and present. I hope you enjoy your stay...

Webmasters Note: This site is currently under MAJOR construction and more things will slowly appear in the near future. Feel free to submit ideas or content to be included here, it would really help me out. Just Contact Me.


  the Dictionary
of Tamriel
Not quite sure the true definition of a word or how to pronounce it? Then this section, filled with Tamriel related words listed alphabetically, is for you.   the Geography
of Tamriel
Lost your way? Trying to find where exactly the island of Stros M'Kai really is? You can probably find your answer in this section filled with maps and geographical information.
  the Guilds
of Tamriel
A list and description of the all the various guilds and orders one can be associated with in Tamriel.   the Gods
of Tamriel
Descriptions of all the major and minor deities presiding over the land.
  the History
of Tamriel
This section deals with all the known history of Tamriel listed by date. If you want to know what happened in 345th year of the 3rd era...look here.   the Magick
of Tamriel
Contains information about all the schools of magic, their spells and any major artifacts which can be found in Tamriel.
  the Monsters
of Tamriel
Look here if you need to know what you horrors you might face in the wilderness and depths of Tamriel.   the People
of Tamriel
Want to know more about who lives in Tamriel, or how about important figures of history? If so then look within for the answers to your questions.
  the Society
of Tamriel
Information about the society of Tamriel including such things as its calender, holidays and other facts.   Downloads Various Tamriel related files available for downloading.
  Links A list of Tamriel and Elder Scrolls related links.   Credits I'm not making all this stuff up you know, so if you need proof come here and see where I get most of my information from.  

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