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Patches, Editors, Utilities, Save Games and other loot you can carry off to your hard drive...

Files Area 15 February 2011

Your one stop to all the latest editors, utilities, patches and other Redguard related files.



All kinds of tips, hints, cheats and other information about the game...

Hints/Tips 15 February 2011
All kinds of gaming playing hints and tips.
Cheats 15 February 2011
Those tips and workarounds which might be considered not quite 'legal'.
Quest Walkthrough 15 February 2011
Look at this section if you need hints or spoilers on completing one or many of the quests found in the game.
Technical Tips/Hacks 15 February 2011
Contains the technical side of the game such as hacking, undocumented features, etc...
Newbie Guide 15 February 2011
An exellecent and detailed collection of tips for the Redguard newbie and veteran alike.
Bugs 15 February 2011
A list of known 'Undocumented Program Features' found in the game, available to you at no cost.
Map 15 February 2011
A detailed map of the island of Stros M'Kaiv showing any points of interest.
Bestiary 15 February 2011
A list of all the NPCs and creatures you face in the game, along with statistics and combat strategies.
Characters 15 February 2011
A list of all the important NPCs in the game, along with statistics and combat strategies.
Official FAQ 3 January 1999
The official Redguard FAQ on the official site.
Official Technical Database 3 January 1999
The official Redguard technical database on the Bethesda web site with lots of solutions to graphics and sound problems. Choose the Support menu and select Redguard.


Preview Information

Required specs, screen shots, features and much more...

Review 15 February 2011
A complete review on the game (text file).
Features 15 February 2011
A current list of the features expected to be in the game.
Official FAQ 15 February 2011
The official FAQ on the game from Bethesda, answering many of the commonly asked questions.
Screen Shots 15 February 2011
Some of the few recent great shots captured from the game.
Characters 15 February 2011
Meet some of the characters you'll find in your journey on Stros M'Kai.
System Requirements 15 February 2011
What type of system is required, and recommended, to run the game.


Redguard Sites

Links to related Redguard sites...

Redguard Links 15 February 2011
A number of quality Redguard sites along with a bunch of preview and reviews of the game.

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