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The UESP: Morrowind - Main Quest: House Telvanni
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Morrowind - Main Quest: House Telvanni

19 February 2011

Prerequisite Quest: House Hlaalu [Telvanni Main Quest Map Locations, 321x375 (29 kb)]
Next Quest: Meet Vivec
Locations: Tel Vos, Tel Mora, Gnisis (Arvs-Drelen), Tel Branora, Sadrith Mora (Tel Naga), Tel Aruhn
Minimum Level: 6
Recommended Level: 12
Required Items: Levitate (silly wizards)
Suggested Items: Cure Paralysis
Difficulty: Medium, One tough fight, lots of travel

Quick Walkthrough

  1. Meet with Master Aryon in Tel Vos (86000,117000) (Upper Chamber) to receive an overview of the Telvanni councillers.
  2. Get Aryon to vote for you as the Hortator.
  3. Convince Mistress Dratha in the Upper Tower in Tel Mora (108000,118000) (persuasion).
  4. Convince Mistress Therana in the Upper Tower of Tel Branora (126000,-102000) (persuasion).
  5. Convince Master Neloth in Tel Naga (148740,36092) (Sadrith Mora, persuasion).
  6. Convince Master Baladas in Arvs-Drelen (Gnisis, persuasion).
  7. Kill Gothren in the Upper Tower of Tel Aruhn (126000,46000).
  8. Return to Master Aryon to be named Hortator of House Telvanni.

Detailed Walkthrough

This quest is part of convincing each of the three houses to vote you as the Hortator of the House. The exact order you do the houses in is not important. The Telvanni House portion of the Hortator quests is a bit different since in the end you can ultimately kill all the Telvanni council members instead of persuading them all (evidently, that's how they do things). Of course, this route is not the suggested one, but it could be done.

Master Aryon
You can start by talking with Master Aryon in Tel Vos (just West of Tel Mora). Aryon can be found in his chambers at the top of Tel Vos. He immediately affirms his vote for you being the Hortator and tells you about the other council members that you must talk to to get their votes. Master Neloth is evidently ill-tempered, Mistress Dratha doesn't like men, Mistress Threana is losing her mind and Archmagister Gothren will probably refuse you indefinitely. Aryon recommends that you kill Gothren, though he does stand to gain something from his death.

Mistress Dratha
Mistress Dratha is found in the Upper Tower in Tel Mora (just East of Tel Vos). If you're playing as a woman you'll get her support right away. If you're a man however, you'll need to raise her disposition quite a bit to get her to support you (I had to raise it to 100). If you're a man and not a member of Telvanni it may not be possible to to raise her disposition that high, in which case you'll have to kill her. If you can get your disposition high enough, you can throw yourself at her feet and plead your case.

Mistress Therana
Mistress Therana is found in the Upper Tower of Tel Branora, which is on an island at the far South East corner of the game map (you can reach it by ship from Sadrith Mora, Molag Marr, Ebonheart, and Vivec). She will act similarily to Dratha, though she also maybe charmed with a high speechcraft skill (30 or higher?).

Master Neloth
Master Neloth in the Upper Tower at Tel Naga in Sadrith Mora will name you Hortator if you raise his disposition high enough (around 70).

Master Baladas
Master Baladas can be found in Arvs-Drelen in Gnisis and will give you his vote if your a house member. Otherwise you may have to raise his disposition again before he gives you his support. Be careful of the various creatures wandering aroudn the halls (everything from a Rat to a Daedroth).

Gothren can be found in the Upper Tower of Tel Aruhn, just West of Sadrith Mora. Unfortunately, unlike the other council members, no matter what you do to presuade Gothren, he won't give you a decision, forcing you to kill him as Aryon suggested. This is no easy battle as Gothren is a master spellcaster and he has two Dremora guarding him. Gothren's favorite spell paralyzes while damaging you, so a few Cure Paralysis potions help. Also, if you get a few good surprise hits in with a powerful weapon, he won't have too much time to cast anything.

Return to Master Aryon
Upon returning to Aryon in Tel Mora, he awards you the title of Hortator of the Telvanni, along with the Robe of the Hortator as a status symbol. If you've completed all three Houses and four Ashlander Tribes, you can head over to the Temple District in Vivec for the next part of the quest.

Continue on with the Meet Vivec portion of the main quest or return to the Main Quest page.

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