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The UESP: Morrowind - Main Quest: Rescuing Milo
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Morrowind - Main Quest: Rescuing Milo

15 February 2011

Prerequisite Quest: Corprus Cure [Rescuing Milo Main Quest Map Locations, 321x375 (29 kb)]
Next Quest: The Third Trial
Locations: Balmora, Vivec, Ebonheart, Holamayan
Minimum Level: 6
Recommended Level: 8
Required Items: Something to open a 20 magnitude lock (a couple of them), Divine Intervention Scroll
Difficulty: Medium, Some locks, tough sneaking and even rougher battles maybe required

Quick Walkthrough

  1. Return to Caius in Balmora to receive your last orders from him.
  2. Travel to Vivec and look for Mehra Milo in the library and her quarters.
  3. Visit the Ministry of Truth and have the guard Alvela let you in.
  4. Find the prison cells and Milo, giving her an Intervention scroll for her escape.
  5. Travel to Holamayan to meet up with Milo and the Dissident Priests.
  6. Talk with Gilvas Barelo in Holamayan (159105,-30298) to receive the lost prophecies.

Detailed Walkthrough

Orders from Caius
You return to Caius Cosades in Balmora after being cured (sortof) of Corprus over in Tel Fyr. Once again you are promoted to Operative and are actually now head of the Blades in Vvardenfell since Caius is being recalled to the Imperial City. Talk to Caius about your new promotion to get some handy items as well as use of his house. His last orders to you before he leaves are to continue to investigate the lost prophecies, taking them to Nibani Maesa up in the Urshilaku Camp when you find them. First stop is to Mehra Milo over in the Hall of Wisdom, Vivec Temple compound (who we visited before). We know Milo was being watched and she will leave a message in her private quarters under the code word AMAYA.

Looking for Milo
So, take a jaunt over to the Hall of Wisdom in Vivec to look for Milo. Looking in the library where she was last time, you see no sight of her. Asking the other librarians you find out that her private quarters are opposite the Canon Offices in the Hall of Wisdom. Her quarters are locked (level 20) but by this point you should have spells, scrolls or picks to quickly dispose of it. Its obvious that Milo is not in, but a Note to Amaya on the dresser catches your eye. The note mentions that Milo is over at the Inquisitor at the Ministry of Truth and that you should bring two Divine Intervention scrolls. She goes on to mention that the guard, Alvela Saram will let you past if you mention you are looking for her and that she has left two levitation potions for you to use. The letter sounds a little suspicious, but you decide to head over to the ministry and check it out.

Ministry of Truth
The Ministry of Truth is that large floating rock over the Temple Compound (hard to miss). Use a levitation potion to get up there and find the guard Alvela (at the top entrance). You can also use a shrine in the area below the Ministry to receive a levitation spell for a few gold. Talking with Alvela it seems that Milo is a prisoner and you are tasked with breaking her out. She gives you the main key and suggests to enter using the back door. Keys to open other doors inside must be found.

Once inside the Ministry, do not let anyone see you as they will attack and call the guards. The NPCs here are well armored and hit hard, so unless you're prepared, a steathly approach may be best (any form of invisibility or chameleon helps). The Prison Keep is at the top of the Ministry and only has a level 20 lock guarding it (to the right of the upper entrance in the desk.). Once you enter you may be attacked by a few guards so be careful. Mehra is in the right most holding cell waiting for you. Overall, there's technically no wrong way to do this, get to Mehra however you can.

Escaping with Milo
Once you find Mehra, she outlines the escape plan. You are to give her one Divine Intervention scroll for her to make her escape, and you escape the same way or another, as you like. You are to meet each other at the secret Dissident priest Monastery at Holamayan. You are to meet a woman on the East docks of Ebonheart (just South West of Vivec) named Blatta Hateria. Tell Blatta that Mehra sent you and that you want to go fishing. Blatta will then bring you to Holamayan where you and Milo will meet up. Once there, you'l receive the lost prophecies from the Dissident Priest's leader Gilvas Barelo. Additionally, the entrance to Holamayan is concealed with magic. Speak to Vevrana Aryon, a monk on the dock at Holamayan about it.

Travelling at Holamayan
So, make your escape as you wish. If you use a Divine scroll as suggested, you'll actually end up in the middle of Ebonheart which is rather convienant. Blatta is on the dock asking if she knows you. Once you mention you want to go fishing, the option to travel to Holamayan will be added to her destination list (labelled as Azura's Coast Region). You meet Vevrana on the docks when you arrive, and are informed that the magical shield guarding Holamayan only opens at dusk and dawn, meaning you will probably have to rest until the proper time. She also can arrange your trip back to Vivec when you choose. Dusk and dawn times are 6am and 6pm, for 2 hours at a time.

Dissident Priests and Lost Prophecies
You can find Mehra with Gilvas Barelo just off to the right in the library when you enter Holamayan. Gilvas has some information on Dagoth Ur, amoung other things, as well as the Lost Prophecies that you have been looking for. You receive three notes from him relating to the prophecies. Talking to him about the Nerevar also nets you three more books. Make sure you exhaust all dialog possibilities with Gilvas to get all the information that you can. By all accounts, you are becoming closer and closer to being the true Nerevarine. Now that Caius is gone you have no one to report to, but don't forget that Nibani Maesa in the Urshilaku camp wanted to speak you again once you've found the lost prophecies.

If you killed the guard Alvela you can get around this by the two console commands:
player->additem "Key_Ministry_Ext" 1
Journal "A2_4_MiloGone" 15
One to give yourself the key to the Halls of Truth and one to update your journal properly.

Continue on with the The Third Trial portion of the main quest or return to the Main Quest page.

Includes Contribution from Michael Roessler and Pedro.

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